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Re: Enough already
Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:44pm

If you notice BREE I have never used the words or would I have ever spoken to any of you the way you spoke to ME! I didn't even know you nor did I have anything negative to say about you or you husband.
Second: I have made up or at least tried to make up with everyome I could in the 8th, but
the one thing I hate more than anything is someone who will lie to cover their ass, I mever said a thing bad about you, Kathy or your husband, But the same people you are defending talked shit about your husband after he left the 8th.
Just like they talked shit about Hank and others. you don't listen nor do you try, I would have done almost anything for them, and It was over and I did move on, But like I said I NEVER SAID A DAMN THING BAD ABOUT YOU OR YOUR HUSBAND!!!!!!! all I have ever said about you is that you called me bad names and I didn't know you.
but thanks for another threat against me, AKA Your AIM IS GOOD AND YOUR PUNCH IS HARD!! it just shows just how petty you people are, of course if you had done a tenth that I did for the 8th you'd feel the same. thanks for once more threatening me and on an open forum.
Don't worry TRAVIS will lie about it later. I would have at anytime have done, given, what I could for a unit I called my family! Now I wouldn't spit or piss on any of you if you were on fire. Steve you have a great band of people. idiots! your giving me exactly what I want all people have to do is read this forum! 2600 plus dollars, I have given almost everyone something to try to help them out, fundraisers, doorprizes and Travis and randall have been to my house lots of times, Travis only when he needed something!! Glad I gone! I ashamned I was ever in the 8th I was only part of it when I was making THEM money. I don't care WHAT you think NOPE not really! you weren't there you didn't do crap for the 8th, you didn't spend 26 weekends in 2 years at the flee market trying to help a group of people who didn't give a shit and talked shit about you behind you back just like they did your husband, Hank and others! BYE BUDDY! Have A nice day!!!!!

  • Enough alreadyBree McAuley, Sat Apr 26 2:55pm
    I speak my mind. I refuse to let someone who don't know me from a hole in the ground bash me because of a beef with my husband. YOU BROUGHT ME INTO THIS, along with Kathy, who had no dog in your... more
    • Re: Enough already — Anonymous, Mon Apr 28 12:44pm
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