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I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once more
Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:27am

I have been accused of Ranting! Kicking a dead horse! I was over all this shit and I had forgiven everyone even to go as far as to say I was sorry to a man who has threatened me and my son several times, once at my place of employment, and lied about it. over and over again!!!!!!!
I went onto be called names that I would have been kicked out of the 8th instead of me quiting, the person who called me those name was not kicked out over it she was patted on the back by the same redneck who kept this crap going.
I had spoken to Randall, Gary, Travis's mom and dad who has never been nothing but nice to me, It was over!! Travis mentioned IP address! I used at least 5 different computers, One at the Pubic Library, one at a pawn shop, One at my brother's house etc: how can they all have the same IP Address.
No they can't! It is a attempt for Travis and others to try to discredit me.
but if you read this forum you will see the big picture, I raised them money did all I did for NOTHING!! it means nothing now, and travis has lied on this forum about his actions over and over again.
Travis I had forgiven you sold you a great coat for a tenth what it was worth, for your father, IT was Over!!

The 8th and Travis simply didn't use the money for what it was suppose to be used for, and only after I said something on this forum di they buy a flag! the reason I sat at the flee market all the months I did every weekend I had off.

I exspect Travis one day soon to try to hurt ME! NO not really! he's all talk. and lies!! even me and Fred had made up both forgiving each other!
In truth Tavis is the one who KEEPS this SHIT Going!

    • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once moreAnonymous, Wed Apr 30 6:40pm
      OH will you please just shut up all ready? No one wants to hear it or read it anymore. Enough is enough already! Get a life. Move on. No one used the precious money you raised for anything wrong. We... more
      • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once moreAnonymous, Fri May 9 1:42pm
        I must have hit a nerve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once moreScott Burleson, Fri May 2 10:17am
        Please give your name I have surely used mine and since you weren't there for all the hard work you have NO dog in this race, I will tell you, I used to think they were good people to BUT if you are... more
        • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once moreBill McAuley, Sun May 4 6:23pm
          Scott would you stop posting on this forum!!!! I am getting sick and tired of reading you dam whinning over that f..k in money. I also sick and f..kin tired of you whinning about Travis and other... more
          • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once morescott, Fri May 9 2:11pm
            IT doesn't concern you, you weren't a member, you didn't get threatened, you didn't take shit from Travis, and you didn't care at the time, and I don't care how long you were a member, they talked... more
          • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once moreScottBurleson, Mon May 5 10:03am
            Nope! Just can't do it captain, I just don't have the power!! F this F that Your stupid!!!
            • A bunch of clowns in a ZOOscott, Mon May 5 10:28am
              How was the little event between sweetwater and madisonville over the weekend, did any of the 8th show, I know Steve, Doc, Shannon wouldn't come, the TV wasn't there, I was invited but I've had so... more
              • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOTina Williams, Mon May 5 2:01pm
                If you are talking about Tsali Notch, shows how much you know. Doc was there and so were several members of the 8th. Some couldn't come due to other commitments. You have nothing to fear ( bring a... more
                • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOscott, Tue May 6 1:04pm
                  I'm not ranting I'm telling the truth you just don't like it didn't i quit over you
                  • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOTina Williams, Tue May 6 6:00pm
                    Didn't you quit over me???? What kind of question is that???? First of all you don't know why you quit or who caused you to quit? Second - you don't know me, have never met me, and I had nothing to... more
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