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Tina Williams
Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOO
Mon May 5, 2014 2:01pm

If you are talking about Tsali Notch, shows how much you know. Doc was there and so were several members of the 8th. Some couldn't come due to other commitments. You have nothing to fear ( bring a gun with you?). No one wants harm to come to you. Just wish you would stop your rants.

  • A bunch of clowns in a ZOOscott, Mon May 5 10:28am
    How was the little event between sweetwater and madisonville over the weekend, did any of the 8th show, I know Steve, Doc, Shannon wouldn't come, the TV wasn't there, I was invited but I've had so... more
    • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOO — Tina Williams, Mon May 5 2:01pm
      • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOscott, Tue May 6 1:04pm
        I'm not ranting I'm telling the truth you just don't like it didn't i quit over you
        • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOTina Williams, Tue May 6 6:00pm
          Didn't you quit over me???? What kind of question is that???? First of all you don't know why you quit or who caused you to quit? Second - you don't know me, have never met me, and I had nothing to... more
          • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOScott, Thu May 8 10:43am
            Your wrong Tina I do know the truth! No I have never met you nor would at this point would want to, But I will tell you the vendors who GAVE me the stuff to auction off for the 8th do know, and will... more
            • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOTina , Sat May 10 9:05am
              If I wasn't there and Doc wasn't there, then may I ask why you keep slamming us? You just told someone that you don't know, have never met and daresay hadn't heard much about to go to hell. You seem... more
              • Idiot little people!Scoot Burleson, Mon May 12 12:56pm
                I have peace in my heart trust me I do I have a son who is against all odds is healthy the problem is. and I will say once more is the fact that I could bring GOD him self in this forum and Travis... more
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