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Scott Burleson
The mightly 8th
Thu May 8, 2014 10:58am

Let it be known that 1. Bree, Tina, Bill, Doc, were not members of the 8th when I raised the money nor were they present what I raised the money was president and quartermaster, 2. they were NOT present when Travis threatened me and my son, then lied about it. over and over again!
I don't care about the money! what I care about and always will is that for once in my life I
dropped my guard and thought I had friends and family in the 8th, which did nothing more than to get me hurt once more, made fun of and threatened by the same small minded man who had been my house, who I have given stuff to several times and what really hurt most who not one of you not one came to my defense, Not Randall, Gary or anyone, who I worked so hard for, so Yes I know the truth, Tina so now GO to hell!! Jim Maddox would ashamed of all of you!! Yes Travis I did know him, He let a 300 pound man carry a flag at his first re-enactment! knowing what it meant to him I had nine relatives in WW2. he was a true man of honor,
your not you are a user and liar and a fake, and a thief!! Taco Bell Boy!!
The 8th Tennessee infantry! you should be proud of yourselves, disgrace!!

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