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Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once more
Fri May 9, 2014 2:11pm

IT doesn't concern you, you weren't a member, you didn't get threatened, you didn't take shit from Travis, and you didn't care at the time, and I don't care how long you were a member, they talked crap about you to after you left. along with Gary ( not HOLT) and his wife, I was there when Gary treated Hank like crap jumping her at Bridgeport, making her cry I felt terrible, and the only thing I'm sorry about is the fact that I should have stood up for her, she to thought she had Friends in the 8th, after all the members who left the 8th only a small few have come back to defend it. Amazing really, you, your wife and Robert were the only ones to say anything,
I wonder how Robert Queen felt when he left, I know how he felt I read the letters. so now put that in your pipe and stick it buddy, The 8th is like being in high school if your NOT part of the in crowd your nothing and your only useful as long as they have a use for you, I don't know the truth,
and stop trying to bring the 1st Tennessee into it, I have NO problem with them, Never said a bad word about them to anyone at anytime! and since you don't read or know how, I have no problem with most of the 8th just a few members, they know who they are! And I have tried to make up with most of the ones I did have a problem with, I have asked for forgiveness over and over again, but Like I've said if Travis told the truth
once it would blow his crap out of the water, he now has to lie, he now has to make me look like a liar, it would look really bad to re-enacting if people knew he had threatened a 13 year old boy with a heart problem because he thought his father was weak, because of my bond with the 8th I never did anything about it my dad however would have caught him asleep and wore a 2by 4 out on him trust me on that it was the one thing you didn't do around my father was threaten one of us., I never said anything to Steve, I wish when it happened I had, Not that Steve would have done anything about, he is suppose to be the company commander, but that is OK, He knows he did it and he knows GOD knows, BIG MAN Travis, when Cheaves grandson hit you in the face with that bottle at Vonore, why didn't you threaten to hold him down and BEAT the blood out of him like you did Nick HUH? I wonder why you didn't?

  • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once moreBill McAuley, Sun May 4 6:23pm
    Scott would you stop posting on this forum!!!! I am getting sick and tired of reading you dam whinning over that f..k in money. I also sick and f..kin tired of you whinning about Travis and other... more
    • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once more — scott, Fri May 9 2:11pm
    • Re: I Made BOO BOO KITTEN mad once moreScottBurleson, Mon May 5 10:03am
      Nope! Just can't do it captain, I just don't have the power!! F this F that Your stupid!!!
      • A bunch of clowns in a ZOOscott, Mon May 5 10:28am
        How was the little event between sweetwater and madisonville over the weekend, did any of the 8th show, I know Steve, Doc, Shannon wouldn't come, the TV wasn't there, I was invited but I've had so... more
        • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOTina Williams, Mon May 5 2:01pm
          If you are talking about Tsali Notch, shows how much you know. Doc was there and so were several members of the 8th. Some couldn't come due to other commitments. You have nothing to fear ( bring a... more
          • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOscott, Tue May 6 1:04pm
            I'm not ranting I'm telling the truth you just don't like it didn't i quit over you
            • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOTina Williams, Tue May 6 6:00pm
              Didn't you quit over me???? What kind of question is that???? First of all you don't know why you quit or who caused you to quit? Second - you don't know me, have never met me, and I had nothing to... more
              • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOScott, Thu May 8 10:43am
                Your wrong Tina I do know the truth! No I have never met you nor would at this point would want to, But I will tell you the vendors who GAVE me the stuff to auction off for the 8th do know, and will... more
                • Re: A bunch of clowns in a ZOOTina , Sat May 10 9:05am
                  If I wasn't there and Doc wasn't there, then may I ask why you keep slamming us? You just told someone that you don't know, have never met and daresay hadn't heard much about to go to hell. You seem... more
                  • Idiot little people!Scoot Burleson, Mon May 12 12:56pm
                    I have peace in my heart trust me I do I have a son who is against all odds is healthy the problem is. and I will say once more is the fact that I could bring GOD him self in this forum and Travis... more
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