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Scott Burleson
Fake Soldiers
Thu May 15, 2014 1:29pm

As long as Travis continues to lie you will see my name on this forum, if he'd had been a man about it and simply said, Scott I'm sorry for threatening you and your son! This would been over long ago, all he did was call me a liar, make me look crazy, but that will never happen as far as the money goes I really never cared, like I said I raised over 2600.00 dollars for ungrateful people, but you all did a lot of Calling me a liar and defending what you did to not convince people there just may be truth to what I was saying.
Travis just keep on, the more you bull the more people will start to look at you.

    • Re: Fake SoldiersTD, Thu May 15 2:19pm
      I havent said a word about you for a very long time and when i did i was defending myself on here but go right ahead and keep obsessing over this all you want. If you wanna discuss this like an adult ... more
      • Re: Fake SoldiersScott, Mon May 19 11:24am
        Yeah you were play fighting with my son and he got the best of you, Yes! What he did was wrong! which if I remember he unlike, you said he was sorry, but he was 12 at the time, unlike you who acts... more
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