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Re: Fake Soldiers
Thu May 15, 2014 2:19pm

I havent said a word about you for a very long time and when i did i was defending myself on here but go right ahead and keep obsessing over this all you want. If you wanna discuss this like an adult we can anytime you wanna meet. But you wont. You have Mom and Dads phone number, they can give me a message next time im over there. I dont know why you keep dragging me into this madness cause last time we talked you said you were over all of it and everything was fine but you obviously were not. There is several witnesses to what really happened that day in Murphy so if anyone thinks im lying etc they can ask them. I know ive said this before but this will be my last post to you over this cause there is no point in it, unless you want to talk about it like an adult. Again, good luck in your life and i hope things go well for you.

Travis D

  • Fake SoldiersScott Burleson, Thu May 15 1:29pm
    As long as Travis continues to lie you will see my name on this forum, if he'd had been a man about it and simply said, Scott I'm sorry for threatening you and your son! This would been over long... more
    • Re: Fake Soldiers — TD, Thu May 15 2:19pm
      • Re: Fake SoldiersScott, Mon May 19 11:24am
        Yeah you were play fighting with my son and he got the best of you, Yes! What he did was wrong! which if I remember he unlike, you said he was sorry, but he was 12 at the time, unlike you who acts... more
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