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Re: Fake Soldiers
Mon May 19, 2014 11:24am

Yeah you were play fighting with my son and he got the best of you, Yes! What he did was wrong! which if I remember he unlike, you said he was sorry, but he was 12 at the time, unlike you who acts like he's 12, your right I was over it until you lied on this forum over and over again.
But I really don't care what kind of Witnesses you have if I recall they were all to busy drinking and getting buzzed to pay any attention. in fact I think were all laughing about it! at the time.
Obviously it wouldn't matter who came on this forum to defend me you'd make GOD himself out to be a lair, Because your not MAN enough to stand up to the fact that you thought me weak enough to be able to threaten Nick and I wouldn't do anything about it, what pisses me off is that last week Gary asked me if I still had the caps that I was going to give him and this week he saw me at the 11 sell and looked like me several times like he could run over me, And I was the only one who went to his house every week to see him when he was sick, Travis your petty!
If you remember I invited you back to my house after all this was I thought over, and I do have your parents number and I know where they live, they have always been NICE to Me, during all of this. they are better people than you will ever be! you are a liar, thief, and a bully to people you think are weaker, you never answered my question, Have you ran your girl friend off yet?

  • Re: Fake SoldiersTD, Thu May 15 2:19pm
    I havent said a word about you for a very long time and when i did i was defending myself on here but go right ahead and keep obsessing over this all you want. If you wanna discuss this like an adult ... more
    • Re: Fake Soldiers — Scott, Mon May 19 11:24am
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