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Re: No Subject
Thu May 22, 2014 11:24am

Funny the only people I've seen from the 8th in the last year is Randall who I gave a 30$ die cast WW2 tank to at his house which I thought we were over all the shit your talking about, in fact he said we were good, and Gary who spoke to me with his wife three weeks ago like they were my best friend, asked me about caps I offered him, besides that I haven't spoken to personally, or been to any of your houses since I quit, as far as the Flea Market the only person I've seen is Travis when he was with his girlfriend, (his mom and brother were there in fact I saw his brother at Wal-Mart and he was nice to me just like his dad who I have seen at Ingles several times and he has never done anything but to be nice to me) and that was almost a year ago I didn't speak to Travis, He didn't speak to me, so make up more shit I have every print off you have written the threats and everything, Harassment goes both ways, Body Slam, Her aim is Good Etc. The problem is you should have never put your mouth in this forum you weren't a member when Travis threatened me or my son you weren't a member when I raised the money, but you keep sticking you face into it, I have no problem with the 8th JUST a couple of members, Travis mainly, because he can not tell the truth and he is a liar, so Bill when you threatened someone on a open forum over and over again and they can print it off, call them discusting names etc. Lets see

  • Re: No SubjectBill Mc Auley , Tue May 20 12:32am
    Are you that sad that you spend your days posting the same shit on this forum day after day after day. Get a life get a girl friend or sum thing . If you don't stop it and grow up people will start... more
    • Re: No Subject — Scott, Thu May 22 11:24am
      • Re: No SubjectScott, Thu May 22 11:53am
        All I Have ever wanted was for Travis to own up to what he did, that's all, he did threaten me and my son he did lie about it, he did come to my job and threaten me, and that was after all I did for... more
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