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Re: No Subject
Thu May 22, 2014 11:53am

All I Have ever wanted was for Travis to own up to what he did, that's all, he did threaten me and my son he did lie about it, he did come to my job and threaten me, and that was after all I did for him I understand that he was mad at nick but it gave him no license to threaten him,
The money was not used for what it was meant for not until I said something about it on this forum.
Nut Job, no not a nut job bill, just pissed off yeah, and they made fun of you after you left, just like they made fun of Hank!!! and Robert Queen,, your protecting the wrong people, they don't really care about you, I know because I thought they were my friends to!

  • Re: No SubjectScott, Thu May 22 11:24am
    Funny the only people I've seen from the 8th in the last year is Randall who I gave a 30$ die cast WW2 tank to at his house which I thought we were over all the shit your talking about, in fact he... more
    • Re: No Subject — Scott, Thu May 22 11:53am
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