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No Subject
Fri May 23, 2014 10:09am

I would like to say that the staking comment is another attempt to shut me up, I would like to say to anyone reading this that I work at the Flea Market, for almost 2 years I worked for the Relic Shop that ended about eight months ago.
now I work for Gary banks I buy and sell stuff for him, So I'm there almost every weekend even more if I don't have to work, I have two jobs did have three, But I'm not going to try to defend myself to any of you, If I run into anyone from the 8th it is by accident.
I have wirnesses that I have seen Gary Holt there and three out of the four times I've seen him we talked and he was very nice, just like nothing had happened, The only other person I've seen is Travis who kept walking by a friend of mine booth with his girlfriend that was more than five or six months ago.
I did see Gary at the 11 sell but he looked at me all mean like and didn't speak so neither did I
how can it harassment when I have not been to your houses called you etc! it can't! If I see anyone from the 8th and they speak to me I speak if they give me dirty looked so will I, as far as NUT Case well I'm not the one who has come in here a threatened someone called them dirty names, they didn't know about a situation he knows nothing about, as far as him serving with a unit, that is what real soldiers do not pay 12$ a month to dress up in funny clothes and pretend your a CIVIL WAR soldier and get drunk on the weekend, all I wanted was for Travis to own up to what he did, nothing else

    • from a previous postAnonymous, Fri May 23 2:07pm
      So why do you keep posting? Scott Burleson End Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:36pm Ok Let's make a deal! you don't have to shut your site down and I will no longer post things here, You know at some ... more
      • I give my nameScott, Wed May 28 11:32am
        I posted this in response to the fact that I thought everything was over, as far a the comment that I didn't think Travis was a threat to Nick, was because I know his uncles, if he had put his hands... more
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