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from a previous post
Fri May 23, 2014 2:07pm

So why do you keep posting?

Scott Burleson
Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:36pm

Ok Let's make a deal! you don't have to shut your site down and I will no longer post things here, You know at some point even the Hatfields and Mccoy's stopped fighting, I don't want to have hate in my heart any longer
so I call an End to my hostile posts or anything else, I'll make no other comments or attacks against the 8th I loved so much! I hope you accept this as
my apoligy towards the 8th, if not it doesn't matter, I have said all that I can and will, this goes out the all the 8th and towards the 1st Tennessee cav. I know that I've said this before but this time I am willing to prove it and to Travis as much as this hurts me I'm sorry! I know and knew all the time that you weren't a threat to Nick!
If you all were ever my friends if you ever had any respect for me please accept this! Maybe you can forgive me one day!

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Fri May 23 10:09am
    I would like to say that the staking comment is another attempt to shut me up, I would like to say to anyone reading this that I work at the Flea Market, for almost 2 years I worked for the Relic... more
    • from a previous post — Anonymous, Fri May 23 2:07pm
      • I give my nameScott, Wed May 28 11:32am
        I posted this in response to the fact that I thought everything was over, as far a the comment that I didn't think Travis was a threat to Nick, was because I know his uncles, if he had put his hands... more
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