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I give my name
Wed May 28, 2014 11:32am

I posted this in response to the fact that I thought everything was over, as far a the comment that I didn't think Travis was a threat to Nick, was because I know his uncles, if he had put his hands on Nick I would not have had to do a thing they would have.
Travis is all talk, A big mouth, and like I said if GOD himself came on here to defend me Travis would call him a liar,
The fact that Travis threatened Nick is not the problem here it is the fact that over and over again he has lied about it, as far as the hostile posts comment if you have noticed I've never called any of you a Cocksucker, or Peckerhead nor have I ever threatened any of you, I spoke to Tommy at the flea market over the weekend he was nice to me and I was nice to him, as far as Gary goes I have witnesses that one time I see him he's nice like nothing ever happened and the next time he gives me evil looks, one more thing I have never said I was mad at the whole 8th just a couple of members, Travis for one, Fred and I have made up and if I see him it will be like nothing ever happened.
Travis just doesn't want anyone to know that he threatened a boy a child, but no I was never worried that he would hit nick, if he had we wouldn't be having this talk, the funny thing is that I wouldn't have had to lift a finger.
Travis has a major problem, he is dishonest!! I have a problem that I don't care, I'm like Robert Queen, Hank, and everyone else certain members of the 8th have treated like shit, they all thought the 8th was their family, Travis I did love the 8th, If it had been you in charge of the money it would have been 1300$ not 2600$
if you notice I made no attacks until Bill did, and Bree! I guess it was OK for them to curse, threaten and call me terrible names, Travis patted them on the back, typical redneck!! Fat man bully boy! Randall you were one of my best friends so was Gary, Now I would piss on you to put you out, one more thing I did say I was sorry none of you ever did, after all the hard work I did FOR YOU!!!! you turned your back on me just like Robert, Hank and others, and bill all I can remember of you as a member is someone saying how weirs you were! All I did for the 8th is now just a bad memory, in seven years I went into at least 100 class rooms raised 2600.00$, was quartermaster and president for two years like I have said before, Just keep up with the crazy comments Bill the more you run your mouth the worse you look, you had NO dog in this fight, and they made fun of you to. if you want to take it like a girl go ahead, your not worth the worry,
none of you are but Travis keep on lying, it will catch up to you one day!!

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