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In the End
Mon Jun 2, 2014 11:25am

You can keep bringing up past posts all you want, if you read them if anyone reads them you will notice that I have made attempt after attempt to say I'm sorry you will also read that I have made every attempt to tell you what happened between Travis and me, the fact is you don't care,
you want me gone.
You did when I was in good as a valued member, it made no difference if I proved Travis did what he did, Like Gary Holt going to the SCV telling them that I was telling that the 8th was breaking up, before I quit, because he was trying to cause discord between myself and the SVC.
you remember that don't you Steve you called me before I quit and asked me if I had heard a rumor about it.
I raised the money it was over and so was I so now If Travis had owned up to Threatening my son and myself you wouldn't have cared. Just like the last year I was with the 8th, When I would ask Randall if he were going to an event and when I would ask him for a ride he suddenly wasn't going.
I will tell you Bill, the day that Randall Gary and myself came to your house to pick up the Quartermaster stuff, Clothing tents etc. they said plenty about you on the way up there and the way back and how the company gear was in such bad shape tents mildewed, uniforms dirty Etc. No they don't talk smack about people your right just every time you have your back turned!!!
see you later life is to short to worry about morons dressing up in fake uniforms and acting like fake soldiers, good bye

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