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No Subject
Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:41am

To whom it really may concern, I worked hard for the 8th the whole time I was a member, I will not go into it anymore but anyone reading any of these posts I have been called a F--ing nutcase, a Cocksucker, etc, I have been threatened in this forum as well as at my job and when I worked with Travis Devine at Taco Bell, I don't care anymore,
But it has been loads of fun hearing you all try to cover how you treated me and others and no mater what I ever will say you will keep doing it, Like Char said in a past post The 8th has always been real good at fussing within itself, Hank, Robert and several members have felt the same way I do, the simple thing is you are not worth my time and worry go to hell 8th

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