Cardiff city v Newcastle united
Wed Aug 8, 2012 11:24am

Anyone know if this game is to be on any TV channels?

Cardiff City V Newcastle united
Saturday 11th August
Cardiff City Stadium
Kick-off 3.00pm

Cheers as always.

  • Re: TringL.J., Sat Aug 4 12:51pm
    Refresh you browser. They've been listed for days.
    • Cardiff city v Newcastle united – sonic, Wed Aug 8 11:24am
    • Re: Tringdj999, Sun Aug 5 1:44pm
      i've been told, tring will only show 1 3pm saturday game. thye've already listed it as arsenal-sunderland
      • DM made a post about tring about a week ago,tony037415, Tue Aug 7 11:09am
        he said that tring was merging with digitalbania and the footy rights were going to back digitalbania. Anyone heard anything about this ?
        • There's more chance in me winning the lotto twice in a week than that lad telling the whole truth.
          • lmfao (nm)JO, Fri Aug 10 1:06pm
            • Re: lmfao Manc-Red, Fri Aug 10 1:22pm
              Every single summer he comes out with an absolute stinker piece of darksh*it, m8. "I can conirm that twang have 3pms back & we have exclusity on specall cards that will only opjen if yoy buy frem us"