Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:19pm

ha ha turn up tittering tttommie.

Mr T has been away with his pals having vocal training lessons in readiness for imminent attempts by 55,000 mancs to out sing 3000 to 5000 LUFC(proper) fans.

RRRROger the cabin boy

  • Re: I like the forum the way it isttommie, Mon Sep 24 8:53pm
    I like it the way it is as well mr. slagheap... ps. thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for RVP just sayin` heh-heh-heh !
    • gawd.... – roger-the-cabinboy, Thu Sep 27 1:19pm
    • Long time no Hear ThomasJO, Mon Sep 24 10:08pm
      Good to see you back...... Where have you been ?
      • hi!ttommie, Tue Sep 25 9:18pm
        always have a look in here most days, not spending so much time as before reminding you scousers of how woeful your team is lol ;o) anyway hope you and yours are keeping well m8... btw, good to see... more
        • Cheers TomJO, Tue Sep 25 9:56pm
          Like i said Good to see you back and have enjoyed the crack in the past Be nice to see you give a little more out this season lol