REMEMBER : Monday is Closedown Day ...
Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:36pm

Move your horses and carts to the new forum and help make it better by throwing suggestions at us. Doesn't matter how weird the suggestions are as long as you understand that if they're over the top, you won't get a reply !!!

    • Re: REMEMBER : Monday is Closedown Day ...jassie7, Fri Sep 28 12:04am
      I prefer this old set up where everythings on the one page to be honest. On the new forum I have not even found where the at a glance fixture list is.
      • Take a Vote Kev.. !!ttommie, Fri Sep 28 11:06am
        the new forum has been running for a while now, we`ve seen it, imo its a backward step, you have to click on every individual post to see whats happening, not as user friendly and informative as this ... more
        • probably not look in as much to the new forum....
        • Democracy ???L.J., Fri Sep 28 12:24pm
          There's a little function called "Show unread posts since last visit" at the top of the new forum. You get a list everything you haven't read. So that's out of the way. There are other reasons why... more
          • New Forum rebellionSalford Slags Reloaded, Fri Sep 28 4:32pm
            • Skinner!!!!! (nm), Fri Sep 28 9:24pm
              • Instead of complaining ....L.J., Sat Sep 29 12:36am
                .. why don't your rebels go into the new forum and make some suggestions? There are all sorts of APPS that can be added to improve the forum including live chat apps.