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No Subject
Sun Apr 7, 2013 8:14am

Bantam cyclones in the semis in Pickering tournament and in first place great job boys

    • CHAMPIONS CYCLONES Anonymous, Sun Apr 7 4:16pm
      Bantam cyclones champions in the Pickering tournament way to go boysvv
      • Champions CYCLONESLynn Douglas, Manager, Mon Apr 8 8:09am
        Way to go boys....just sorry we could not be there to share the victory. And to the person who wanted to know how we got into a tournament after Jan 22.....I can assure you that every HUB rule was... more
    • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sun Apr 7 10:25am
      Not sure how you got to enter a tourney after Jan 22 . I guess you dont follow the rules like everyone else . What else do you cheat at ?
      • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Mon Apr 8 12:19pm
        I guess you don't know anything about the RULES moron !
        • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Mon Apr 8 3:36pm
          Someone is jealous. You poor baby. Wawawa!
      • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sun Apr 7 12:50pm
        Considering that you have to get approval from Hub in the form of travel permits and such, pretty sure no rules where broken. In addition they are not the only hub team at a tournament this weekend.... more
        • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Sun Apr 7 10:05pm
          Teams that do not make it thru to play downs can be granted permission by Hub to play a tournament after playoffs....no cheating going on by the Cyclones. And congrats!
          • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Fri Apr 12 1:05pm
            So these tournaments are almost like the special olympics.
            • no subjectAnonymous, Sat Apr 13 9:12am
              I do not understand what the connection is between the Special Olympics and the tournaments. The tournament was the coaches' idea to give the kids extra ice time before the tryouts start. They were... more
            • Re: No SubjectAnonymous, Fri Apr 12 9:29pm
              Why you hating on the special olympics loser.
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