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AE Team
Thu Jun 6, 2013 9:09pm

Dan: What age group is the AE going to be & who are the coaches?

  • coaches not stepping upDan Page, Tue May 28 8:22am
    Not since the Roy West- Gil Method fiasco a few years ago, have I seen such a lack of quality coaches at the hub level. Honestly, it seems like the experienced coaches within Hamilton are staying in... more
    • under the bus anonymous, Sun Oct 20 7:10am
      Spend a weekend getting your coaches ticket and you to can coach Hub. but pay attention because when you get a Hub team the smiles and encouragement from Hub officials end.Who can blame experienced... more
    • 2 out of 10Anonymous, Tue Jun 11 10:45am
      Fake names, incorrect spelling, complete lack of any credible facts. It should be a 0 out of 10, but the fact there were real responses to your post of complete fiction ups your score to 2. How many... more
    • AE Team — Anonymous, Thu Jun 6 9:09pm
    • Re: coaches not stepping upanonymous, Thu May 30 9:55pm
      If that happens, I'd say bye bye to the Huskies very soon.
      • Re: coaches not stepping upAnonymous, Mon Jun 10 4:53pm
        Really... Why the Huskies, and not bye bye to Hamilton Hub? The AE loop is very weak, don't understand how or why the Huskies would be in trouble.
        • Re: coaches not stepping upanonymous, Tue Jun 11 12:28pm
          Everybody and their brother will start a AAA team like the GTHL. That's why.
          • Re: coaches not stepping upAnonymous, Wed Jun 12 11:09pm
            That's a huge leap from a AE team from the MTN arena to now a AAA team- playing in the GTHL... Lets just try to get our heads around a AE team... I call BS on this.
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