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2 out of 10
Tue Jun 11, 2013 10:45am

Fake names, incorrect spelling, complete lack of any credible facts. It should be a 0 out of 10, but the fact there were real responses to your post of complete fiction ups your score to 2.

How many years has it been now? You do this every year at least once. Strange.

  • coaches not stepping upDan Page, Tue May 28 8:22am
    Not since the Roy West- Gil Method fiasco a few years ago, have I seen such a lack of quality coaches at the hub level. Honestly, it seems like the experienced coaches within Hamilton are staying in... more
    • under the bus anonymous, Sun Oct 20 7:10am
      Spend a weekend getting your coaches ticket and you to can coach Hub. but pay attention because when you get a Hub team the smiles and encouragement from Hub officials end.Who can blame experienced... more
    • 2 out of 10 — Anonymous, Tue Jun 11 10:45am
    • AE TeamAnonymous, Thu Jun 6 9:09pm
      Dan: What age group is the AE going to be & who are the coaches?
    • Re: coaches not stepping upanonymous, Thu May 30 9:55pm
      If that happens, I'd say bye bye to the Huskies very soon.
      • Re: coaches not stepping upAnonymous, Mon Jun 10 4:53pm
        Really... Why the Huskies, and not bye bye to Hamilton Hub? The AE loop is very weak, don't understand how or why the Huskies would be in trouble.
        • Re: coaches not stepping upanonymous, Tue Jun 11 12:28pm
          Everybody and their brother will start a AAA team like the GTHL. That's why.
          • Re: coaches not stepping upAnonymous, Wed Jun 12 11:09pm
            That's a huge leap from a AE team from the MTN arena to now a AAA team- playing in the GTHL... Lets just try to get our heads around a AE team... I call BS on this.
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