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Matt L.
Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:54am

Once inside the clothing store the females searched high and low for some kind of dress that Elizabeth could look decent in for the dinner party.

It wasn’t a dress that caught Elizabeth’s eye but a stylish looking button down blouse with matching slacks. Thing was, the variety in stock, nothing was available in Elizabeth’s size.

Elizabeth held the garment closest to her size against her body; naturally Priscilla’s expression was downright negative. “There’s still too much of you to fit into it, mom.”

However, Elizabeth’s instincts somehow encouraged her to try the garment on and into the changing room she went.

Sure enough, the garment fit.

Elizabeth glanced over her reflection in mirror, did she lose weight?
Not all that much but for the garment to fit she must have lost something like 10 or 15 pounds.
Elizabeth was quite puzzled and somewhat anxious, and she loudly giggled when she put back on the clothes she wore to the mall. Somehow the material wasn’t as tight.

Priscilla didn’t notice any changes to her mother’s weight once Elizabeth left the changing room but Elizabeth was sure of it.

The garment bought, the ladies left the mall.


On the ride back home, Elizabeth pondered over the pounds she lost as well as Priscilla’s pigging out on the ice cream and the changes to her appearance. She hadn’t a clue on what strange phenomena caused the event but she was completely pleased.
“Maybe Prissy won’t be so critical about my weight now that she wants to diet”, Elizabeth contemplated, “She’ll learn that dieting is much more difficult than she thinks.”

Down the road on their route home was a Mexican fast food restaurant, Elizabeth couldn’t resist seeing if she could challenge Priscilla’s appetite and the discipline her daughter boldly threw into her face.

“Hey! It’s still hours before dinner and we had no lunch, want to get some Mexican food?”

Mexican food was a big no-no for Priscilla, infrequently indulging on the cuisine due to the notorious amount of calories which would certainly spoil her figure.

“I hadn’t Mexican food in a long time, what about you?”, Elizabeth perkily added.

For a second Priscilla seemed to space out, her eyes glassy, her expression impassive.

Priscilla rubbed her face, “I’m a little hungry, why not!”

And with that Elizabeth steered the car toward the driveway.


At home and in the kitchen, the mother / daughter enjoyed their meal, more so for Priscilla who entertained her appetite without caution.

Through the frivolous small talk which didn’t amount to anything specific, Elizabeth kept a sharp eye on Priscilla who literally made a pig out of herself.

Elizabeth did indeed pay some vigilance toward Priscilla, suggesting that she should slow down and questioning, “I thought you said you wanted to diet?”

Priscilla answered back with an unimposing grin, “How often do we have Mexican food? It’s so scrumptious, wish we could eat it more often.”

Elizabeth impishly grinned, amazed at the oddity of moment, somehow Priscilla’s approach to Mexican food had been rewired.

“Well if that’s what you like”, Elizabeth answered within her own thoughts. “You could have my share if you don’t mind, then you’ll get so fat you won’t be a pain in the ass.”

Elizabeth paused from her meal, she had enough, wrapping the half-eaten Burrito in the paper, Priscilla inquired, “You’re not going to finish that?”

“You’re welcome to it”, said Elizabeth.

Priscilla secured the Burrito with frolicsome laughter, “Thanks!”

Elizabeth abandoned Priscilla in the kitchen, completely fascinated by the perplexing events of the afternoon strolled into the bathroom and stepped onto the scale.

Elizabeth’s hand steadily roamed over her bulging belly as she read the numbers, “248-pounds.”

“I lost 22-pounds”, Elizabeth snapped her fingers in victory, “Like that!”

Elizabeth stepped off the scale and swerved her body toward the mirror.
“I still have quite a bit of pudge to lose”, Elizabeth contemplated as she scoped out her reflection.
“Yeah, another 120-pounds or so and I’ll be able to fit into Pricilla’s clothes, maybe buy a new wardrobe.”

Elizabeth’s good humor continued as she practically skipped into her bedroom, “I’ll just cart my old clothes to Goodwill_.”

Elizabeth paused, an intuitive spark shanghaied her inner thoughts and she blurted with a giggle, “Or just hand them down to Priscilla.”


Priscilla was in her bedroom where she undressed. The condition of her figure wasn’t as athletic as she remembered. Softer and with the plump little tummy pouch, even her thighs appeared a little roomier.

“I don’t believe this”, Priscilla pouted as she maneuvered her body into a T-shirt and sweatpants.
“I never had to diet but unless I do, I’m going to have a big ol secretary’s ass like mom!”

Priscilla gripped her mane and held her hair back and away from her face.
The mirror broadcasting the extent of her fuller features.
Rotating her face, Priscilla grimaced as she caught the sigh of a budding second chin.
“Oh this is just beautiful”, Priscilla sarcastically uttered with a disgruntle expression, “My face is starting to get chubby.”


A few hours later Elizabeth walked into the living room to find Priscilla sprawled over the sofa watching TV. “Any thoughts on what you want for dinner or will you have a nosh when you’re out with your friends?”

“Make whatever you like, mom. I called Cheri and told her I’m not going to make it tonight.”

Really?” Elizabeth warily inquired, “Saturday night’s your night to unwind and have fun. Something the matter?”

Priscilla heaved a long sigh, chewing on her hair as she jadedly replied, “Nah, nothing really. I just feel like I’m in a rut for some reason. Besides all that walking at the mall left me drained.”
That was strange; Priscilla was always energetic and exuberant. A jaunt at the mall was basically a warm up for the evening’s festivities.

“Well now”, Elizabeth said as she began walking out of the living room, “I’ll just order a small pizza for myself; you’re welcome to have a slice or two if you feel like it.”

Elizabeth no sooner entered the kitchen when Priscilla joined her.

“I’d like pizza, sure mom. Order the extra-large with extra sausage and cheese. Would that be okay?”

Elizabeth was about to question Elizabeth about her diet but another thought popped into her head that she couldn’t oppose sharing.

“Tell you what, Priscilla. Since you’re not going out, watch the Baxter’s baby for me so I could play cards with the girls, and I’ll treat you to the pizza. Even buy you soda.”

“I don’t know, mom”, Priscilla frowned.

“How difficult is it to watch a nine month old and anyway you’re just going to watch TV at home. You could do that at the Baxter’s and get paid for it.”

Priscilla scratched her head, thinking it over but her expression signaling to the negative.

Another thought zipped into Elizabeth’s mind and she promptly went with it, “Candace Baxter always provides a lot of snacks, sometimes cake or pie.”

Priscilla responded without having to think it over, “You’ll order the extra large, right, mom. Extra cheese and sausage.”

Elizabeth momentarily imagined Priscilla stuffing herself with pizza, remembering her daughter’s uppity opinion toward her own weight.
“Irresponsible appetite, a fondness for fattening food”, Priscilla’s comment from at the mall echoing in Elizabeth’s mind, a sassy retort contained in the shadows, “Quick with those callous remarks in which she thinks so cute, Priscilla’s ego and vanity will be on the brink of ruined when she tries to manage a diet.”

Elizabeth shook her head, “And soft drinks too.”

“Just um, order a 2 liter of diet, okay, mom”, Priscilla awkwardly announced, “I have to start watching the calories.”

Elizabeth chuckled, “Sure, I understand.”


Elizabeth’s imagination was right on the spot, Priscilla gobbled up the pizza in a slovenly display of unbridled enthusiasm.

Naturally Priscilla did mention that she would start her diet Monday.

“I might as well go all in after enjoying whatever I want to eat over the weekend. I mean, why not, you did say Mrs. Baxter has plenty of snacks, why refuse her generosity.”

Elizabeth didn’t say anything positive or negative. For her own satisfaction she wanted to see her smug daughter put on weight and then struggle to lose it.

Once dinner was over, Priscilla hauled herself over to the Baxter’s and without sprucing up appearance. On the other hand, Elizabeth made sure to look her best while visiting her friends.
An old pair of blue jeans that Elizabeth hadn’t worn in several moons laid in her dresser draw.

Instinctively Elizabeth tried the jeans on, and although a bit tight she was able to fit into them.
Like a school girl preparing for her first date, Elizabeth lightheartedly went about getting ready for her evening with her friends. Elizabeth hadn’t felt or looked so good in years.

Over at the Baxter’s home Priscilla nibbled on snacks the entire night, oblivious to the consequences that would not only add inches to her waistline but increase her preference for sweets and junk food.
Developing the legitimate traits of an over-eater.


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