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Matt L.
Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:31pm

Elizabeth had arrived home before Priscilla, warmed up some coffee in the microwave and was about to grab a slice of peach pie. Smiling upon realizing she wasn’t hungry, after all she did have some chips, dip and cola at her friend’s home. She had her fill of calories for one evening.

Thus Elizabeth made tracks to her bedroom and undressed before getting ready for bed.

The 248-pound Elizabeth stood in only her skivvies as she faced the mirror, both hands cradling her round- bulging belly that propelled outward.

Shaking her belly with some force, Elizabeth giggled as she vowed to lose as much as her paunch as humanly possible.
It had been years since Elizabeth had been so motivated and optimistic about losing weight.

Maybe it was the lighting in the room but Elizabeth was almost sure she wasn’t as big.
“Wait_”, Elizabeth giggled as her mind recalled the strange events of the day.
_Priscilla’s appetite and the changes to her wardrobe and appearance _.
And the pounds that had earlier diminished.

Elizabeth made a beeline to bathroom, the scale revealing the fact.
“238-pounds!” Elizabeth laughed out loud.

It was then that Elizabeth heard the front door open and shut, curiosity settling in, producing the most peculiar vibes in reaction to Priscilla arrival home.

Elizabeth swiftly put on her bathrobe, eagerly walking to the kitchen where she met up with Priscilla.

Priscilla’s brown hair was tousled to a small degree; her pretty features a tinge puffier but far from chubby.
“Hey, mom”, Priscilla nonchalantly greeted her mother, making a slow trek to the fridge, “How was your card game, did you win anything?”

Elizabeth studiously surveyed Priscilla’s figure, “45-cents, I was up almost $2.50 but I’m afraid I began playing too wild toward the end of the night.”

Priscilla’s attire consisted of an oversized burgundy colored sweatshirt and gray sweatpants that camouflaged her figure. Yet Elizabeth could distinguish a few interesting details concerning the condition of Priscilla’s figure. Priscilla’s hips were roomier, there was some growth to the width and overall size to her posterior, and her thighs appeared heavier.

Elizabeth keenly observed Priscilla mechanically removing the peach pie from the fridge, along with the milk. Pouring herself a glass in which chugged.

“How was babysitting?” Elizabeth questioned.

Priscilla softly burped, refilling the glass, a tranquil smile upon her face.
“Easiest $25.00’s I ever made, had plenty of snacks too.”

Priscilla grabbed a fork, and began consuming the pie at a leisurely rate.

Elizabeth shook her head, “As long as you enjoyed it.”

“Yeah”, Priscilla said, preoccupied with her snack.

Elizabeth was about to wish Priscilla goodnight and then retreat to her room when her daughter expounded her thoughts.

“Watching the baby was so easy, basically I just laid around and watched TV, I could get used to that.”
“You don’t say”, Elizabeth’s broad smile matching her cheerful tone.

“Not that I’d want to make a career out of it”, Priscilla commented between sips of milk and a fragile sounding burp.

“You never can tell”, Elizabeth uttered in thought.



Elizabeth had it all going on the evening of the dinner party. She hadn’t looked as sensational in at least half a decade. Elizabeth’s brown hair was set in a mature but charming style, somehow it diminished her chubby features to a fair degree while she had forgo the garment that she purchased at the mall the week prior for a spiffy looking midnight blue pinstripe dress with matching jacket that was tucked away in back of her closet. Something of an anonymity once removed, her eating habits radically overhauled without much effort and another 10-pounds had melted away.

Elizabeth checked on her appearance before leaving her bedroom, squeaking a victorious girlie-girl giggle then strutted it out to the family room.

Priscilla was on the computer, looking up websites pertaining to diets and dieting, her appearance positively laid-back. Priscilla’s hair tucked behind her ears in need of a comb as it extended downward in disheveled disarray. The budding double chin had blossomed into noticeable status although still relatively meager; her upper arms had a squishy quality and her waist thicker.

Elizabeth maneuvered over to Priscilla, not quite surprised by the nondescript attire.
A plain olive green top and sweatpants of a rusty orange hue.
Moderately plump muffin-tops sneaking over the waistband, her hips visibly coated with extra padding.

“Going to be on line all night or is there a rendezvous later with your friends?” Elizabeth cracked a humorous grin.

Priscilla momentarily cupped her face with her hands, her upper arms slightly jiggling in motion.
“I do have plans for tonight, yeah. But for the minute I’m trying to find me a diet.”

“Is that right, dear?” Elizabeth asked, playing oblivious to her daughter’s weighty issue.

Priscilla groaned a disgruntle grunt, chaotically buzzing about gaining almost 15-pounds in almost a week. “I don’t know how this happened, I don’t eat that much, not really unless I’m bored but it’s the craziest thing, the pounds I put on_.”

Elizabeth glimpsed the half-eaten bag of M&M’s along with the empty bag of chips and bottle of Pepsi. Priscilla’s appetite and choice in food had undergone the opposing route, and was clearly locked in a pattern of overindulgence and a desire for fattening cuisine. Elizabeth felt emotionally relieved at her daughter’s thickening; there would be no more lectures about her weight and appetite.

“You’re hardly chubby”, Elizabeth said in a blasé tone, playing it off as if she clueless to her daughter’s spurt in weight.

Priscilla crinkled her nose, rolling her fingers over the small patch of belly fat, “Yeah but I’m getting there.”
“Obsessing over your weight is a waste of time”, Elizabeth ambiguously smirked.
Priscilla sighed as she grabbed the pound size bag of M&M’s, popping a few in her mouth.
“Fat girl clothes are so awfully dumpy; I need to get back in shape before I get like you.”

Elizabeth was far too amused by Priscilla’s struggle with her weight to be bothered by her insensitive comment.

“Well, have fun but don’t stay out too late”, Elizabeth chirped.

“Nah, don’t worry, mom”, Priscilla uncomplicatedly drone, “I’ll probably just stay in for the night.”

Elizabeth steered herself out of the living room, chuckling to herself about the fridge being stocked with microwave Mexican cuisine, individual size apple pies and plenty of soft drinks.



Elizabeth’s personality took on a dynamic disposition as she continued losing weight. Swapping her overly mature looking attire for an upscale wardrobe, securing employment as a secretary at a metropolitan development company, and began dating again.

On the other hand Priscilla was essentially ensnared in the quagmire of losing weight and then regaining it, and with surplus pounds.

Saturday evening had become Elizabeth’s night for gallivanting and fun. Surrounding herself with new friends, and a few charming mature males, Elizabeth‘s calendar was always filled.

Priscilla routinely spent her Saturday evenings quietly at home, although occasionally she would hang out with her new posse of friends. Unintentionally or not, Priscilla ditched spending time with Pam and Cheri, bonding with Candace Baxter and her circle of companions. All of them a decade older than Priscilla as well as explicitly overweight.

Priscilla was still in college, and although she resigned from working at a Dollar Store after working 2 days and later a beauty salon the very afternoon she was hired, she made her spending cash as a babysitter for her new friends.


Elizabeth’s brown mane curled over shoulders, a modest array of cosmetics over her sweet face.
Appearances can be deceiving and in Elizabeth’s case she easily resembled a woman in her middle-thirties rather than her rightful 40-something age.

The black dress complimented Elizabeth’s shapely form, at approximately 175-pounds she did have need of a girdle but yet she held a specific breathtakingly gorgeous aura.

Elizabeth’s improved eating habits and sporadically working out did the number, and without question she would eventually reach her goal weight of 145-pounds.

A splash of perfume, the expensive kind, and Elizabeth was set to be picked up by her chaperone for the evening at a fancy restaurant and later dancing. Her date was a level-headed and good looking accountant. Not exactly wealthy but he made a decent wage. Unlike the part-time pizza delivery man Priscilla broke up with months ago after erroneously stating that she wasn’t trying hard enough to lose weight or the nerdy young man who worked part-time at Best Buy who insisted their dates were Dutch-treat.

Elizabeth checked the time; she had a few minutes to wait and thus strolled toward the kitchen to see what Priscilla was having for dinner.

Priscilla’s appetite and preference for fattening food was within the abnormal range. Even when she did have the incentive to diet, she would always cheat, and cheat, and cheat.

Priscilla’s brown hair was in a messy upward style, tufts of her mane pushing out over her ears, her nomadic bangs wilting against her forehead. Her features cute but of a well-fed condition, akin to an old world milk maid. Extremely puffy cheeks that corresponded with her billowy double chin.

Elizabeth paused at the kitchen’s threshold, scrutinizing the lumbering mechanics of Priscilla’s motion as she hovered over the stove, and the grungy getup she wore that didn’t masquerade her portly figure. The powder blue T-shirt was awfully tight, exhibiting her plump upper arms and hefty cleavage sprawled over her bulbous belly. A smaller but quite pudgy bulge beneath the waistband of her dark blue spandex slacks, a large cushy roll of fat riding over her wide swollen hips. Priscilla’s ass had ballooned into an official bubble-butt; likewise her chunky thighs were layered in fat.

The once svelte vixen now weighed a trifle more than 200-pounds, the blubbery cocoon that coated her figure making her appear drastically heavier.

Priscilla scratched her face, then emptied an entire glass of milk with one gulp. Resuming with her task, Pricilla began frying bananas with baloney, off to the side was a large bag of Doritos and a few packages of pudding.

Just as Priscilla began spreading mayonnaise unto both sides of divided French bread, Elizabeth made her entrance.

“Hey, Ralph will be by shortly, I just wanted to see how you’re doing before I leave.”

Priscilla shrugged her shoulders, industriously preparing the bread for the fried bananas / baloney, “I guess I’m okay. Just making dinner.”

Elizabeth felt obligated to inquire Priscilla’s plans for the evening, her daughter rifled back as if the insiginificance of the evening was completely normal.

“Got some studying to do then there’s a marathon of romance movies I’m going to watch on ’Lifetime.”

Elizabeth nodded and leisurely approached Priscilla, “You ever think about giving Pam or Cheri a call, see what they’re doing tonight.

Priscilla sighed, subsequently shutting off the stove and preparing her sandwich.
“No, mom. I can’t stand either one of them anymore.”

Priscilla bit into her sandwich, bitterly sharing the details as she sloppily chewed, “Cheri asked if she could have some of my nicer clothes since I have no intention of losing weight, and Pam’s little wisecracks about my size are beginning to get outright rude.”

And with that, Priscilla ripped opened the Doritos bag and gobbled up a handful.
“I don’t want to be fat, mom, it just happened. The diets ain’t working and_.”
The remainder of Priscilla’s remarks were mainly incoherent due to her chewing, _fatter..if….uyjo …then ….woooze ….me….fatty …”

Elizabeth stood silent for the moment, realizing that their roles had been swapped, she was now the attractive -popular member of the pair, and Priscilla was the overweight-couch potato.

“Don’t you have other friends?” Elizabeth asked, clearly forgotting about Candace Baxter and her clique of well-fed docile female companions.

Priscilla did smile at this point but maybe it was because the sandwich was rather tasty.
“Yeah, Candace is cool, and Tina and Karen. Matter of fact they invited me to go on vacation with them. I mean, I’ll be looking after the kids in the bunch but they promised we’ll have some grownup fun together.”

Elizabeth modestly acknowledged her daughter, “They are a bit older than you but if you enjoy their company then by all means, it’s fine.”

Priscilla proceeded to use the pudding as a dip for the Doritos, “Yeah, we get along very well. We have lots in common!” Priscilla smiled as she patted her podgy circular shaped belly to emphasize the fact.


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