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Matt L.
TWISTED REALITY 4 ` Conclusion
Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:33pm

Over time the relationship between daughter and mother advanced into a stronger bond. Their roles reversed but exception noted, Elizabeth never brought up Priscillaís weight or appetite, not a critical remark as she became fatter and fatter.

Elizabeth married the accountant, Ralph, and even surpassed her goal weight, literally slimming down to 140-pounds by her wedding day. Priscilla, her maid of honor, had reached 257-pounds by then.

Priscilla would intermittently diet, usually quitting within 48-hours. Once graduating college, Priscilla was hired as a desk clerk at a low-budget - family orientated hotel.
Candace Baxter introduced Priscilla to her half-brother, a skinny guy named Steve Waverly. Steve was a former sports equipment salesman who was currently employed at a gas station mini-mart. Tim didnít mind thick gals which worked out well for Priscilla since she had reached 300-pounds by the time they went on their first date. The courtship fleeting, Priscilla married Steve within a year of the first date, and by then Priscilla had reached her peak at 355-pounds.


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