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Matt L.
Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:57am


Tracy Castle stood within the lobby of the building that housed the financial center where she had been employed over a couple years, making small talk with the resident janitor, Milton Hobbs.
The chitchat amounted to basically nonsense; Milton did most of the talking while Tracy mainly listened out of nothing more than respect. Tracy was well aware that Milton had a significant crush on her, harmless since he was terribly insecure and passive. Tracy did enjoy the flattery and attention even though she wasn’t ignored by plenty of men within her own social rank.

Milton was in the middle of telling Tracy how his sister’s basement had been converted to an apartment for himself when she spoke over him.
“It’s really nice talking with you”, said Tracy, her gentle sounding voice matching her congenial smile, “But I have to get back to work.”

Milton rubbed the back of his head, “Yeah, me too. But I enjoyed talking to you.”

Tracy was several feet away from Milton as he finished his sentence, waving to him before boarding the elevator.


Tracy was an attractive young lady nearing thirty years of age. Brown hair in an elaborate upward style that revealed her delicate features; and while her curvaceous figure was essentially slender, she had put on a few unwanted pounds over the prior few weeks.
Tracy’s tummy had developed a minor bulge in which she concealed with the use of a panty-girdle, and her bottom was beginning to spread with a pulpy consistency.

Milton was a stout man, a few years younger than Tracy. Short brown hair, pudgy face which wasn’t unpleasant but not so favorable in looks compared to the type of guys most females in Tracy’s bracken found attractive. Milton was something of a loner, few friends, predominantly withdrawn.
Milton lived with his sister Sally in a small bungalow in one of most financially insolvent neighborhoods in Central City. A lonely guy, his socializing whenever out was at a decrepit old man’s bar down the block from his home. Milton usually watched TV and surfed the net, frequently visiting Plus-Size Female Web-Sites which was a paradox due to his fondness for Tracy.
Whatever reason, Milton became ever so smitten with the cute vixen from the day they met.
Routinely visiting Tracy at her desk, making a big deal over her appearance, and even occasionally bringing her copies of the latest fashion magazines. The previous Valentine’s Day Milton even went as far as to give Tracy a card. Nothing exceptional or even romantic, basically conveying the message that she was his special friend.


Tracy entered her office, turned on her computer and went to work.
A half-hour later she was summoned to the office of her supervisor, Maggie Kent.

Margaret ’Maggie’ Kent was a moderately plump woman in her early fifties, auburn hair, fairly pretty, benevolent personality wise, and exceptionally genuine in terms of assisting the financially oppressed.

Maggie came right to the point.
“I noticed this month that you denied more applications for welfare than you approved.”

Tracy scratched her cheek, “Yes, Maggie, that’s right. If we gave financial aid to everyone who asks for it, then we won’t have enough funds to go around for the people who really need it.”

“Mind being a little more precise in your statement?” Maggie sternly asked.

“Some people are simply too lazy to work, laying around all day, trying to take advantage of the system. I denied those I sincerely felt weren’t needy but were unscrupulously opposed to pulling their own weight. Anyhow, Maggie, it doesn’t matter since the final decision is yours.”

“Quite right!”, Maggie snapped back, then gestured over to the white bakery box on the adjoining table not two square feet away from Tracy, “But let’s not nitpick, have a donut and we can shoot the breeze for a couple minutes.”

Just as Tracy swerved her face toward the box, Maggie casually brought up Tracy’s recent engagement.

“How long off before the wedding? I’m sure you’re excited.”

Tracy brought her eyes back to Maggie, speaking as she folded her arms, “Around a year, I guess. We haven’t settled on a date yet.”

Maggie relaxed her posture, “I don’t mean to pry but gossip around the office says your future hubby is very well off.”

Tracy slowly nodded, “Ted does okay, he’s involved in real estate development. Right now he’s in California working on a few projects.”

“That right!” Maggie giddily warbled back, “In California you say. I’m very sure if he’s as shrewd as he is in selecting a mate, his business ventures must be extraordinarily beneficial.”

Tracy momentarily swayed her head toward the donut box, “Um, yeah, Maggie. Matter of fact, we’re thinking of moving there, California, if he can pull off this deal.”

“Well, he sounds clearly ambitious”, Maggie said cheerily.
“Please, dear, have a donut or two, would you like a cup of coffee or do you prefer milk?”

“Maybe one”, Tracy uttered, her expression comically twisting,

Leaving the chair, Tracy strolled over to table, “coffee would be fine, sure.”

“Help yourself”, Maggie replied.

Tracy engaged in a modest bite of a jelly roll then proceeded to pour herself a cup of coffee.

Resuming her seat in front of Maggie’s desk, Tracy snapped off a larger bite of the jelly roll.

“A jelly roll”. Maggie smiled, “Those are my favorites too.”

Tracy wide-eyed concurred, “Aren’t they good! Years ago I could eat a half-dozen in one sitting.”

“Why not have another if you enjoy them so much”, Maggie politely suggested.

Tracy sipped her coffee, finishing the sweet before replying, “Years ago, yeah, I’d have another but its best that I don’t.”

Tracy blinked in shock as Maggie rattled off, “You’re afraid you might get fat again.”

“How did you know I was heavier?” Tracy questioned with the tinge of embarrassment, “I never mentioned it to anyone,”

Maggie nodded, “I like to run a background check on my employees, but so what if you were fat. That doesn’t mean I don’t value your work but I have noticed you’ve gained some weight.”

Tracy fleetingly broke eye contact to glimpse her tummy, another sip of coffee, then she answered, “Is it that obvious I’ve put on weight?”

“I see it in your face, mostly”, Maggie ingeniously uttered, “Your cheeks look fuller and you have a little bit of a double chin. Not that you don’t look cute, just a sign that you’re keeping yourself well-fed.”

“A little too well-fed”, Tracy uncomfortably grinned, “I’ve sort of, well, haven’t paid as much attention to my eating habits like I should.

“I guess it’s nothing consequential if you’re relapsing, you boyfriend probably isn’t one of those shallow guys who expect a trophy wife.”

Tracy finished her coffee, and without a reply left her chair and poured herself another cup. Lingering within reach of the donut box, Tracy shared her apprehension.

“Ted does have his qualities, besides his looks and money, he can be very thoughtful, and we make a fantastic couple. But if Ted does have a flaw, he’s all about appearances.”

Maggie once again gestured to the donut box, “You needn’t feel guilty about having another, you can skip extra helpings at dinner or work it off at the gym.”

Tracy opened the box and withdrew another jelly roll, “Shoot, I haven’t been to the gym in weeks.”
Upon taking a substantial bite of the jelly roll, Tracy goofily smirked, “I suppose I really ought too though.”

Tracy grabbed a napkin and wiped away the excess jelly that dribbled unto her chin.

“From what you said, Ted is all about appearances?” Maggie questioned.

Tracy returned to her seat, “Yes, Maggie, that‘s right. Ted’s in perfect physical condition, looks at out of shape people like they’re morons. You know what I mean, fat oafs, second class citizens.”

“Does Ted know you used to be heavier?”

Tracy sighed, “No, not at_.”

Maggie interrupted Tracy, “So Ted isn’t aware that you’re struggling with your weight.”

Tracy paused from nibbling on the jelly roll, “Whose struggling, I only put on 5-pounds. I can take it off, just need to pay more attention to my snacking and return to the gym.”

“You think it’s that simple?” Maggie responded with a stale stare, “You should be more realistic.
Even if you conquered the tendency to overeat years ago you shouldn’t be lax maintaining your healthy eating habits.”

Tracy jerked back her head, “You found out I was a compulsive overeater?”

Maggie’s broad grin seemed puzzling blissful, “No, Tracy. You are an overeater, always will be one. It’s being proactive about this complex issue that will keep you from wearing a size 24 wedding dress or stuffing yourself on wedding cake. If you deal with this relapse appropriately, you’ll lose the weight and be able to remain slim. Denial will supply you with a big secretary’s ass and thunder thighs.”

“You’re amazing”, Tracy’s comment coated with equal portions of sarcasm and confusion, “Why are you concerned about me? We have opposing ethical standards; you override my rejections for welfare. I don’t understand?”

“I’m just being honest and sensitive to your quandary”, Maggie coolly stated.
“Being involved with my staff is very important to me, some more than others but I’d really like to come to your aid while you resolve this conflict.”

Tracy elevated her eyebrows, “I don’t know what to say, I never knew you had such an interest in your employees.”

“Just between us, though an exact number isn’t necessary but you have put on more than five pounds.”

Tracy fidgeted in her chair, “Yeah, alright. So I have. If I don’t do something and quick, by the time Ted is back from California he might have a change of mind about our relationship.”

Maggie hummed a weird tune, removing herself from her desk, she approached Tracy.
“I have a friend who is a psychologist, I believe she can undo the damage and have you back to normal. Actually, she’s a relative of mine through marriage. I’ll make the appointment for you, you just show up.”

Tracy stood upward and clutched her waist, “I’m softer than I’ve been in a long time, I don’t want to get too flabby. Sure, Maggie, please make an appointment for me.”


Maggie did make the call and scheduled an appointment for Tracy later in the week.

A couple of days before she would see the psychologist, Tracy ran into Milton on her way out of the building.

Milton opened the door for Tracy, a red hue over his marshy features, and he nervously giggled when she politely thanked him for the gesture.

“You’re very sweet, Milton, my boyfriend could take lessons from you.”

“You can walk me to my car”, Tracy added as she motioned toward the parking a lot.

Milton nodded and they made tracks to the parking lot which was located at the side of the building.
Tracy’s stride held an energetic gait; Milton shuffled along with a klutzy waddle.
Small talk was made, nothing germane to anything specific, although Tracy did mention that she was a little lonely while Ted was away.

“Well, um, sometimes when I get lonely I go on-line and chat with my net friends, you ever chat on-line, Tracy?”

Tracy smiled, holding back her laughter. Exciting, beautiful females never chatted on-line.

“No, Milton can’t say that I have.”

Milton brought up several people from around the country that he was connected to and the various things they chatted about. Tracy faked interest and produced an awarding smile as she listened.

Reaching the parking lot, Milton still gabbing away, Tracy motioned her fingers into a girlie wave, “See you tomorrow, Milton, bye!”

Milton bashfully uttered a gawky goodbye but as Tracy turned around he called out, “Wait a minute!”

Tracy rotated her feminine form toward Milton, “Yes, what?”

“Well, like don’t be taking this the wrong way coz I know you have a boyfriend but if you ever get lonely or are bored, I’m willing to chat on-line, I mean, as long as your boyfriend is in California, that’s all. What ya think, huh?”

Tracy gazed over Milton’s more or less pleasant features, his big puppy dog eyes. What could it hurt? Tracy pondered, “It’s not like I’m actually going to contact the guy.”

“Okay, Milton”, Tracy grinned, “I’m not making any promises though; please write down all the information I need.”

Producing a small notepad with pencil from out of her purse, she handed them to Milton who quickly jotted down everything Tracy needed to know to reach him on-line.

Tracy noticed the undeniable twinkle of acceptance in Milton’s eyes, intuitively she understood, the chubby young man wasn’t particularly popular with the ladies.

“You don’t have many female companions, do you, Milton”, Tracy conscientiously uttered.

Milton nodded, shrugged his shoulders, “No, well a couple of girls I know on-line but they got boyfriends and anyway, they live far away.”

Tracy brought her hand to Milton’s upper arm, “If you’re looking for a friend of the female persuasion I’d be more than glad to be your friend.”

Milton beamed a wide smile, “Yeah, I’d kindly, ug, I mean, yes, Tracy. I’d like to be your friend,”

Tracy gently patted Milton’s shoulder, “If ever there’s an opportunity, maybe we can have a cup of coffee together or something.”

“Yeah, Tracy, if you ever get bored or something.”

Tracy blithely replied, “Alright, if I’m bored or lonely but maybe I might just want to chat!”

And with that Tracy made a beeline to her car and Milton walked back to the building.


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