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Matt L.
Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:54pm

Tracy wheezed nervously, “Yes. Carla but I thought you were going to help me lose weight?”

Carla nodded, “In order to accomplish the technicalities that are holding you back from the veracity of your ego, it’s important to establish the activities or lack of activities within the cognitive structure of your mind in order to bring balance and fruition to the ideal branch of behavior that is completely adequate to your natural identify. Do you understand?”

“You lost me at technicalities, but you’re the one with the diploma”, Tracy jokingly uttered. “I guess you’re saying to lose weight I have to understand what made me fat, right?”

“Something like that”, Carla answered with a funky smirk.

Carla then expounded on the details, “Take a week off from work, I’m sure Maggie won’t mind, she’d probably be delighted in not having to override your decisions on welfare applicants. Be sure to have your hair trimmed in the short pixie style you had back then, and especially stay away from your friends who are shallow or critical. If you find yourself bored or lonely, contact somebody who you feel is inferior to your looks and status. This will censor any misgivings you have about retreating to your former behavior. Eat well and have fun. Lose that girdle too; you have no excuse to look slim.”

Tracy heaved a disgruntle sigh, Carla countering it flatly, “None of that, young lady. Conduct yourself as you did when you were heavy. I’ll see you back here in a month.”

“A month!” a panicky Tracy blurted.
“What when Ted comes back, he won’t be gone that long, what if I’m heavier?”

Carla was absolutely diligent in her reply, “Either avoid Ted or tell him you’re undergoing therapy to identify the challenges you have to remain in shape.”

Tracy softly yet uncomfortably warbled, “I think I’ll just avoid Ted. He’s so nitpicky about my figure.”

“Smashing! Good call, Tracy!” Carla blissfully buzzed.


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