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Matt L.
Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:17am


Tracy did as Dr. Letsos had dictated. Maggie had no objection to giving Tracy a short vacation, this would give a fair number of social relief applicants a better chance of obtaining welfare. Although Maggie did specify that it was only a week.

Tracy had her hair trimmed into a very short pixie style and couldn’t resist being a little adventurous, had her brown locks streaked with radical shades of pink and blond.

And, she took ample advantage of knocking off the low calorie dishes for all types of food that she routinely shunned unless it was a special occasion. Macaroni and cheese, pizza and non-diet cola.

The first few days went without a hitch, although she purposely avoided her better friends since they were just as high maintenance and calorie conscious as Tracy. Dr. Carla knew her business, Tracy acknowledged one afternoon while trying to fit into a pair of slacks that her miniature potbelly outgrew. Staying away from her shapely friends was on target, they would only criticize her, especially since she was directed to avoid wearing a panty girdle.


A minute before midnight and Tracy, after watching every episode of ’90120’ which the Lifetime channel was telecasting in sequence, sat down in front of her computer with purpose.
Tracy frequently used the net for shopping or checking web-sites featuring fashion and pop culture entertainment. However, she had become rather bored watching TV, and searched for her friend Milton just to allow herself some tame amusement.

Milton’s handle on-line was Stud-01, a paradox that instigated a few sarcastic giggles from Tracy.
Stud, right. Milton was quite out of shape and his features were handsome once removed.

Tracy reached Milton with little effort. I’m watching movies on this web-site; Milton answered when Tracy inquired what he was up too.

I’m terribly bored, Tracy messaged him. Remember I said something about coffee if I’m ever bored or lonely. I’m both, are you busy, want to go out to a restaurant, talk in person?

Milton didn’t need to be asked twice, and agreed but mentioned, I’m in a neighborhood that is sort of bad at night. I’ll get my sister’s car and pick you up. K?

Tracy typed back, sounds like a plan. You don’t have a curfew? I might have you out a while.

Milton addressed the text from Tracy with LOL! Give me your address, be over soon.

Tracy did just that.


Tracy’s choice in attire was a teal colored T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans that scarcely fit.
The pants certainly broadcast the minor bit of inflation that had seized her tummy while broadcasting the extra inch of width and mild protrusion of her derriere. The material snugly covering her thighs which were in close jeopardy of becoming outright flabby.

Tracy didn’t bother wearing cosmetics; her pixie hairdo didn’t really need much sprucing, just a little hair gel to keep her locks in place.

Within 45-minutes Tracy’s cell phone rang, Milton was parked outside her apartment building.


Tracy opened the door and hopped into the ride Milton had borrowed from his sister.
The Ford Escort had a couple of dents, the exterior needing a wash, the interior was packed with an abundance of trash, mostly empty fast food bags and empty soda bottles, and there was a funky odor which took Tracy a little while to get used too.

Milton’s hair was slicked back, and his clothes were basically causal, a black sweatshirt and greenish-blue sweatpants.

Milton chuckled at Tracy’s appearance; he had never seen her dressed down before or her hair so short and with the peculiar streaks of pink and blond.

“I almost didn’t recognize you, Tracy. I kinda of thought, whose the babe walking to the car.”

Tracy half-smiled, bubbly in candor, “Well since I’m on vacation, I sort of tweaked my looks a little.”

Milton shook his head, “Wearing you hair that short and with the pretty colors, makes you look more normal….”

Tracy giggled at Milton’s nervousness as he tried salvaging his thoughts.

“_I mean, you look like, a regular um, less preppy more laid back. You know?”

Tracy favored Milton with a cute smile, “I know exactly what you mean, Milton. I look rather easy going like this and not high maintenance. That’s fine. Where would you like to go, want to get some coffee and a snack?”

Milton explained that at this hour all the diners in his neighborhood would be closed and so they should settle for a diner or restaurant around her neighborhood. Tracy agreed but realized that the few eateries still open within her upper class community were a little too sporty for the clothes they were in. Thus they drove around until they reached a truck stop on the outskirts of Central City.


The conversation low-key between several cups of coffee and snacking on chili dogs, onion rings and cheese cake.
Tracy had long been familiar with Milton’s polite nature as they chatted at the office but she was surprised to the positive at his eccentric charm and off the wall sense of humor.
Reminiscent of her high school years when she would periodically hang out with the guys that the more popular girls would ignore.

Milton felt more comfortable around Tracy than usual. Obviously because Tracy had played down her appearance she didn’t resonate her typical vixen vibes.
A mutual warmness emerged, talking like old friends that hadn’t seen each other in a decade, not so much discovering each other but rediscovering each other.

One hour - another hour, and another hour. Their unembellished friendship increasing with every discussion as the hours rolled by.

Thoroughly at ease while chewing on an onion ring, Tracy asked Milton about the movie he was watching on line. Milton didn’t reply right away, causing Tracy to humorously push him for an answer. Milton finally came clean.

“I like fuller figured ladies, and there’s this site that has movies, I watch …I was watching some of the movies on the site.”

Tracy swiftly grasped her waist, leaning toward Milton with a wacky grin, “Fuller figured females? I didn’t know you liked chubby chicks.”

Tracy faked a shocked expression as she played up the naïve routine, “Isn’t that something. All along I was thinking you thought I was cute. But I guess not.”

“Oh, no, no, Tracy!” Milton worriedly blathered, “You’re amazingly beautiful, totally.”

“But I’m not chubby”, Tracy said, teasingly fluttering her eyes.

“Well, I know that, it’s like, I prefer the chubbier sort of woman but I like thin women too.”

Tracy intentionally snatched an onion ring, nibbling in slow motion as she roguishly grinned, “If I chubbed up, you think I’d still be cute?”

Milton momentarily gaped at Tracy gnawing on the onion ring. Tracy’s informal appearance, her shorten multi-colored locks, and the manner in which she nibbled. Milton couldn’t consider Tracy anymore appealing.

“Definitely!” Milton excitedly announced.

Tracy giggled, “I’m not planning to get chubby, Milton, but it’s cool to know at least you’d find me attractive!”

Milton’s body language and even his voice became surprisingly confident, “A woman doesn’t need to be thin or wear expensive clothes to be pretty, only stupid jerks think like that.”

Tracy was impressed by Milton’s remark, and she briefly reflected on Ted and his attitude toward heavier females. However, Tracy caught the twinkle in Milton’s eyes, somehow she felt unusually comfortable in his company, and there wasn’t any reason to feel guilt about his companionship or ignore her unconventional behavior.
“You’re a smart guy, Milton”, Tracy said, tilting her head, a big smile over her face, “My boyfriend could learn a thing or two from you.”

Milton modestly smiled, “Guys who pressure their girlfriend to look a certain way or act a certain way aren’t realistic because they’re preventing them from being themselves, making an artificial version of the girl they want.”

Goose-bumps riveted over Tracy’s body and she uncharacteristically screeched, “Wow, that makes
total sense!”

Tracy ran her fingers against the coffee cup, a funky expression converging over her face, “What kind of movies were you watching on that site?”

Milton didn’t feel the least bit coy and admitted, “There’s all kind of movies, Tracy. I was watching one about this young lady who ate the entire cake that her roommate made, and her roommate then force fed her coz she made a pig out of herself.”

Tracy playfully snickered, “Are you for real?”

Milton favored Tracy with more details concerning the video which she found amusing in a bizarre fashion. Tracy tapped her coffee cup while in thought, glimpsing the clock over the wall before acknowledging Milton’s fancy.

“It’s late, Milton but I’m not at all tired, and I’d like a little fun. What if I let you feed me like in the video?”

Milton’s grin was incredibly broad, “You …you’re not making fun of me?”

Tracy laughed, “Of course not!”

“I’m supposed to be on a diet, well I’ll be on a diet soon”, Tracy continued, “I may as well eat my fill now before I have to lay off all the fattening food.”

“Sure but like, do you want to watch the video so you can get some idea of how we’re doing this?” said Milton with a razor-sharp sparkle in his eyes.

Tracy laughed again, and then explained her motivation based on what Milton had told her about the force feeding video.

“Like I said, Milton, I’m supposed to be watching my weight but wow, I just had 2 chili dogs, onion rings and cheesecake. I haven’t kept my diet like I should. Think you could teach me a lesson since I made an awful pig out of myself?”

Tracy deliberately thrust out her tummy, emphasizing its bloated condition, thumping her fingers against its exaggerated plumpness.

Milton bobbled his head from shoulder to shoulder before answering, “Yes, sure, Tracy. You know I have to play act, right? Act like I’m totally angry at you and call you pig and fatty and stuff.”

Tracy agreed in a spunky tone, “Yes, I know that. Tease me and call me names. And since my diet is on hiatus, feed me any kind of food you want, the more fattening the better.”

Milton giggled, “Want to do it at your apartment or my place?”

Tracy directly replied, “Your place would be better than mine, much better since I sort of think you’d have a better stock of munchies at your home. Anyhow, you can show me how you fixed your apartment.”

“I’d like that”, Milton smiled, “Gives our friendship some legitimacy if you visit my place.”

Tracy nodded, marveling at Milton’s perception; she chuckled loudly, “Your logic is remarkable! That makes good sense.”


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