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Matt L.
Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:44pm


Milton’s home in which he shared with his sister was located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Central City. Many of the buildings boarded up, this included the Goodwill store across the street, other stores had bars over their windows, and the hostile environment was plastered with graffiti, and heaps of trash, broken down cars and weeds stretching out through the pavement.

The home was a nondescript bungalow, the brown hue tarnished, the paint peeling, a waist-high fence surrounding the residence.
Milton escorted Tracy to the backside of the house, and down the stairs into his man-cave.
The place was messy but homey enough, no walls, the bathroom did have at least a curtain.

Entering the makeshift kitchen which was complete with table, chairs, a sink and fridge, Milton encouraged Tracy to take a seat.

Tracy was somewhat put off by the untidy surroundings but she didn’t let it interfere with her mood or the politeness she wanted to show her new friend.

“Remember, Tracy, I’m just pretending”, Milton cautiously told her, “And like, you need to play along too, be whiny and stuff.”

Tracy giggled, “Yeah, I know that, sure.”

Tracy leaned back in the plastic chair and for reasons that she didn’t question, willingly unfastened her slacks and let her squishy tummy flab ooze outward.

“Oh, I’m so stuffed, I shouldn’t of eaten all that food”, Tracy pouted with a whine.

Tracy dramatically clutched her tummy at the sides, squeezing the doughy tissue, “I’m getting so fat.”

Milton stood over Tracy, acting as if he held an authoritative role over her, “You really made a pig out of yourself tonight, Tracy, a big pig. You really oughtn’t complain, piggies get fat.”

Tracy played along, “I just can’t control myself, Milton. I like snacking, when I start it‘s hard for me to stop,”

Milton laughed, “You like being a pig, no self-control or discipline. Are you still hungry?”

Tracy refrained from giggling, although the comical expression clung to her face.
“Of course I’m still hungry but no more food, Milton. I’m getting too fat.”

“You’re a pig, piggy’s get fat”, Milton lobbed it right back at Tracy.
“Let’s check your progress”, Milton added as he maneuvered his finger to Tracy’s tummy.
Milton brushed his fingertips against the pulpy patch of fat that inflated Tracy’s belly.
The surface rubbery and yet soft; and Tracy couldn’t deny a morsel of excitement as Milton strummed her tummy.

Tracy’s tummy quivered as Milton flicked the pulpy slope, causing her to giggle.

Milton played his role like some B-movie actor, melodramatically stating, “You are getting fat but still ain’t near as tubby as you should be. I’ll remedy this without delay.”

Milton paused, using the football signal for time out, “”Let’s pretend I tied your hands behind your back, okay? And I’m gonna feed you now.”

Tracy smiled, “Sure, Milton”, subsequently screeching, “Oh please don’t fatten me, Milton. I’m fat enough!”

“But you’re hungry, and hungry piggy’s must be fed”, Milton harshly quibbled.

Tracy watched Milton walk over to the fridge and removed a container of margarine.
Grabbing a soup spoon, Milton made tracks back to Tracy.

Obviously margarine was about as improper a snack food as there was, however, Tracy didn’t want to spoil the fun and complain. Well, she did falsely protest for the game but other than that, Tracy played along.

“This will add inches to your waistline, piggy!” Milton vehemently sneered.
Tracy lapped up the first spoonful, and then another.
“No, Milton, please, please, no more food.”

“I thought you were hungry?” Milton answered back.
Tracy slurped the margarine off the spoon, “Yes, I’m hungry but I ate enough at the restaurant!”
Milton scooped up another spoonful, swiftly bringing it to Tracy’s lips, “Piggy’s never have enough, you’re always hungry, enjoy eating, right, piggy!”

Tracy played it to the hilt, “Well, yes, you got that right. I’m crazy about food but I hardly can squeeze into my clothes.”

Milton fed Tracy another spoonful, “Shit, you can buy new clothes to show off your fully-packed figure or go all out naked, so what!”

After a couple more spoonfuls of margarine, Milton delicately poked Tracy’s tummy, “Youse still got a lot of eating before you’re really tubby. Feel like eating sum more?”

Once again Tracy felt a little excited at Milton’s contact with her spongy tummy, and she responded with a ridiculous sounding giggle, “Damn, I’m hungrier than a pack of starving wolverines but please, no more food, Milton. I’m stuffed.”

Milton tossed the container of margarine on the table and laughed as he returned to the fridge, “Stuffed? Impossible, not with your unrivaled appetite!”

Tracy rolled her tongue over the surplus margarine that lingered over her lips; there was something oddly satisfying about the margarine which caused her too contentedly sigh.

Milton returned with slices of cheese, rolling them up as he fed Tracy.
“There’s plenty, piggy. Cheese will add some padding to your hips and thighs, big time!”

Tracy gnawed on the cheese slice by slice, producing a wayward frown on her face despite the fact she was starting to enjoy being fed.

“I’m going to blow up like a balloon, then what? It’s gonna be all your fault!” Tracy teasingly grimaced.

Milton eased another slice of cheese toward Tracy’s lips which she pounced on without a thought.
“Now, piggy”, Milton rationally stated, “It’s not my fault if you blow up like a balloon. The food you put away, it’s your fault. It wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t fatten into a butterball.”

Tracy slovenly chewed on the cheese, package after package. Tracy was indeed starting to get full but was so unreasonably amused with the game, didn’t want to stop. The feeding continued.
Ice cream, chocolate candies, ketchup from the bottle, mayonnaise out of the jar, corn beef harsh straight from the can, and more cheese.

The taunts likewise persisted, “Can you say oink-oink! You’re so undernourished, sows needs to be huge! You’re gonna be a blubbery example of a big fat sow. You’re gonna be jumbo size!”

And Tracy played her role smashingly, “Oh, not another bite. Enough chocolate, they’re obnoxious with calories. If you keep feeding me, I’ll be enormous. Okay, okay, I’m still hungry but please no more cheese.”

Tracy had just finished consuming a plate of chopped up cold hot dogs drenched in mayonnaise, her tummy stuffed so incredibly full that it bubbled outward in distinct roundness.

Milton patted Tracy’s bloated gut, “Your belly is starting to show it’s potential for growth. You think so, piggy?”

Tracy tilted her head, a nasally twang to her voice, “Oink-oink! Piggy’s belly is getting big.”

It was then that Tracy’s head accidentally slithered against Milton’s pudgy gut, and she heaved an amorous sigh. Bringing her hand upward, Tracy’s fingers trailed over Milton’s bulging stomach, and she slowly brought his T-shirt upward to survey the scope of his podgy belly.

“My belly is double your size, piggy, but give it time and you’ll outmatch mine!” Milton sternly uttered.

Tracy stood upward, glancing into Milton’s eyes, her fingers rolling over his belly.
“Still hungry, piggy?” Milton asked.
Tracy swallowed a mouthful of air, wrapping her arms around Milton’s thick waist, his big belly merging with her body. “Your piggy is well-fed_.”
And with that, Tracy launched her lips at Milton’s and the electricity she felt as they kissed eradicated her urge for food.

Milton understood that Tracy was engaged but the heat of my moment cancelled his logic and a few minutes later both were naked and in his bed.


It was the middle of the afternoon the next day when Tracy opened her eyes to the tantalizing aroma of breakfast which Milton brought to her in bed.

Two grilled cheese sandwiches and a glass of buttermilk.

At first Tracy was shocked by her actions, remembering that they had sex not once but twice.
However, an eccentric smile dashed over her beautiful face as Milton handed her the tray of food.

“Not exactly the breakfast of champions”, Tracy snickered, “But it’ll do.”

Milton giggled at the comment, standing in his boxers, his pasty skin, big belly, his appearance something to akin to a giant version of the Pillsbury Doughboy.

“I’m sorry about last night”, Milton passively apologized, “I know you’re engaged, it was wrong of me.”

Tracy snugly held the sheet to her shapely breasts, nibbling on the sandwich, a contemplative softness in her tone, “You shouldn’t feel guilty, I’m as much to blame, what’s there to be sorry for anyway.”

Milton took a seat on the bed’s edge, observing Tracy nipping at the sandwich, “I just got caught up in the heat of the moment, it wasn’t what I planned.”

“To be honest, you weren’t half-bad, so I wouldn’t call it such a mistake because I rather liked it”, said Tracy as she chewed.

“Really?” Milton corresponded his surprise with a toothy grin, “That’s something, really something coz I never did it before.”

Tracy sipped her buttermilk, emitting a hard burp before admitting, “For a first timer, I’m impressed. You’ll understand if we don‘t share last nights events, especially down at the office.”

Milton rubbed the back of his head, “Um, yeah, I understand. Things would be weird at the office if people found out.”

Tracy concurred, likewise adding, “Ted wouldn’t like the idea about me sleeping with you either_.”

Tracy paused as she finished the first sandwich, picking up the other sandwich she instantly took a whopper of a bite, managing to squeak out, “Although, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Milton was quite thrilled at the toffee-nosed Tracy gobbling up a sloppily manufactured grilled cheese sandwich. Tracy’s cheeks inflating as she greedily gnawed, swiftly inhaling a stringy residue of melted cheese, burping again after swallowing the last bite.

Tracy leaned backward, lounging over the mattress as if she was completely drained.

Um, Milton, even though we’ll keep the activities about last night between us please don’t think I regret it because I don’t.”

“Shit, you’re a beautiful woman, Tracy”, Milton uttered awkwardly but candidly, “I know I’m not a guy like Ted is but if, I mean, how does this effect our friendship?”

Tracy squinted in thought, guzzling the remainder of the buttermilk before responding.
“I’m not exactly sure. In a strange way that I can’t explain, I sort of have a different opinion of you now.”

Milton felt somewhat uncomfortable in the manner which Tracy surveyed his body.

It had been a long while since Tracy had been attracted to a heavy guy, and Milton was certainly overweight. The sensual essence, the stoutness of his flabby form, inexplicably won over Tracy’s favor.

Tracy fluttered her eyes and delicately purred, “You have a girlfriend?”

Milton’s combination uneasy - forlorn expression was answer enough.

Tracy unconsciously patted her bloated belly, “I have a whole week away from work. What if I just spend time with you, be something like a wannabe girlfriend for a while.”

Milton couldn’t be more please by Tracy’s suggestion but his guilty conscience influenced his common sense, “What about Ted? You’re engaged to him, remember?”

“I’ll choose to ignore, Ted, since our relationship is basically on hold until I get back in shape”, Tracy defensively uttered, “Ted has the big impossible standards about physical appearance, so it’s his fault for being stupid.”

Milton grinned, “I sure enjoy your company, Tracy. So if you wanna be my girl for a week I won’t prevent your wishing. You’d have to meet my sister, it’s only fair if you’re gonna stay here for a week.”

Tracy agreed and then mentioned, “You know I’ll need some clothes, I’d hate for you to drive me back to my place, could you take me to a store?”

“Right across the street is the Goodwill store; I shop there all the time. When you wanna go?”

Tracy edged herself downward unto the mattress, “Maybe an hour, I want to nap a little longer. Okay?”

Ted nodded, “Right, that’s cool. In the meantime I’ll tell Sally, that’s my sister, that you’ll be staying with us for a while.”

Tracy replied as she rolled over unto her side, “Sure, sounds like a plan.”


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