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...... Pat Garrett killing = by Adamson + two pistols
Thu Aug 30, 2012 22:10

1908 02 29 Saturday 11:30 AM ... Leap Year ... 74 Degrees ...

......... THE ... OLD ... SWITCHAROO .....

Wayne Brazel entered the scene that morning on horseback with a pistol and a rifle, in scabbards. He had never killed a thing, "not even a fly" … was said when he claimed to be the killer of Garrett. He apparently never owned a pistol, had to buy a clunker for this murder job.

Pistol #1, the Garrett Killer, was finely machined and oiled; a silenced pistol apparently used for other close dirty work. Brazel started his day with it in his hostler.

Pistol #2, the Clunker, started its day with Jim Miller’s guide. They were at the planned murder site, waiting and waiting for Garrett. Remember, after the murder all the horse dung seen by the coroner and others.

Garrett was kept busy as the driver of the buggy, wearing driving gloves, and watching the road. That reduced his opportunity to see the bad people. They were in Alameda Arroyo, their version of an expressway between Organ village and Las Cruces.

Adamson called for a relief stop. This stop was pre-arranged for “relief.” ... You recall Miller’s reputation for having a guide and good planning.

As Garrett turned and departed the bugy, Brazel on horseback handed Adamson the silent pistol, Adamson shot Garrett in back of the head, so close there were powder burns, so noted the coroner.

Garrett was dead before he hit the ground. To be sure he was dead, Miller from the arroyo bottom fired again …

Miller’s guide and Brazel exchanged pistols. Brazel and Adamson departed for Las Cruces with the Clunker. Miller and his guide departed with the silent pistol.

… NOTES = We have trailed both pistols. We know most of the owner names and times and places; then to now. The person that claims ownership of this Clunker has been notified the other silent pistol is the Garrett Killer.

For detailed information, read the pending folio.

Stay tuned to this station for breaking news.

If you were at the WWHA Ruidoso meeting remember the closing statement of the session; it was about the killing of Pat Garrett: “We may never know how it was done.” ... That was a bad prophesy, for in the audience was a person who knew most of the answer … and now knows 97.3% of it.

Reminder: “All historic facts are subject to change hourly.”

We always are looking for tiny missing-links, please submit to CAL.

Cal Traylor

The above announcement is blamed on Jerry Lobdill and Frank Parrish who threatened this researcher to share. "Do not take it to the grave, OR ELSE ....."


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