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Question for New Mexico buffs
Sun Oct 16, 2016 21:12

In regards Lincoln County War: Would Juan Batista Patron have been an ally of John Chisum, or an enemy?

Any help appreciated, Kenny

    • William Green...Question for KennyRobert Buckley, Thu Oct 20 10:36
      The William Green that was indicted along with Jerry Dillon for the murder of Paul Dowlin; could he possibly be the William C. Greene of Cananea fame? I ask this because William C. Greene arrived in... more
      • Green? Wow, I think yer on to something.K.t.K., Thu Oct 20 13:42
        Robert, In my most recent post below I mention Green mining at La Noria. This place is practically one and the same as Lochiel, Az., which location is ascribed to Wm. C. Green in the Wikipedia... more
        • William C. Green not the man . . . Lynn R. Bailey, Fri Oct 21 09:42
          Despite what Wikipedia implies, William C. Green had no hand in the founding of La Noria (Lochiel). Alfred A. Green and his brother George M. Green did, along with J. M. Lutrell. I would be happy to... more
        • James C. Burnett...Robert Buckley, Thu Oct 20 23:18
          James C. Burnett was a neighbor of William C. Greene. Over the years they had many arguments. In 1897 William C. Greene shot Burnett dead in Tombstone. Burnett had destroyed a dam up from Greene's... more
          • Re: James C. Burnett...K.t.K., Fri Oct 21 08:06
            Thanks. Yes I am familiar with the cattle theft ordeal in regards Justice Burnett at Charleston. That fellow was quite the scoundrel in his little domain, and might have earned a spot on a list for... more
    • Sorry KtK, I David, Tue Oct 18 13:00
      can't be of any help to you here, but sounds like a great question for Drew Gomber if he is out there somewhere. David
      • Has to do with an assasination...K.t.K., Tue Oct 18 14:48
        ...of "Capt." Paul Dowlin in 1877, he of Dowlin's Mill near Fort Stanton, which place was to become Ruidoso - as I understand it. Nobody ever seemed to come up with a motive for the killing, but I... more
        • Has to do with an assasination...gobby git, Wed Oct 19 10:58
          August 21, 1876: Jerry Dillon appointed constable, precinct 3 (Dowlin's Mill/Ruidoso) New Mexican May 08 ... upon receipt of the melancholy news at Fort Stanton several of the officers with Mr.... more
        • Has to do with an assasination...gobby git, Wed Oct 19 09:43
          You can buy this here ... https://www.amazon.com/Juan-Patron-Fallen-Star-Billy/dp/0984958886 and read most of it here ... https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=iAmiZbjCbzQC
          • Thanks for EVERYTHING, Gob! (nm)K.t.K., Thu Oct 20 06:08
            • Thanks for EVERYTHING, Gob! (nm)gobby git, Thu Oct 20 09:24
              ktk ... and a big thanks to you, especially for bringing the subject up ... I didn't know about the Patron book until yesterday ... gg Unfortunately [and obviously] I have scant evidence about any... more
              • Interesting reading! Nice nickname! (nm)Martha Fanning, Thu Oct 20 15:29
              • BTW, I have a second cousin who...K.t.K., Thu Oct 20 13:11
                ....goes by "Gobby." The New Mexico Saga is too daunting for me, having already fully committed to the Tombstone saga. But the two certainly do connect in many different ways. But as you mention the... more
                • As long as we David, Fri Oct 21 14:34
                  are discussing relatives; I had an Uncle ("Bill") William Green who died a few years back. I don't know for certain, but doubt he was related to the William Green in question. David
                • Interesting reading, K.t.K.! (nm)Martha Fanning, Thu Oct 20 14:01
                • BTW, I have a second cousin who...gobby git, Thu Oct 20 13:32
                  Thanks Kenny ... as concise and as detailed as ever ... you should take up writing books ... Frank Coe seems to have been one with lots to hide ... lynchings, etc. ... all the best All complaints... more
                  • Lincolnshire, U.K.K.t.K., Thu Oct 20 16:26
                    I went right by you on my way to visit York several years ago. My people had immigrated from Southwold, 160 km further east from Lincolnshire. It had to do with the Decade of the "Great Migration"... more
              • Thanks for EVERYTHING gobby git, Thu Oct 20 11:29
                ktk ... that last mailing was not a (nm) ... I'll leave you alone now to return to matters relevant ... Another Curly Bill? Border reivers were raiders along the Anglo-Scottish border from the late... more
                • At Chapel Saint Leonards....K.t.K., Sat Oct 22 09:26
                  ...have you seen any smooth hounds? I was thinking that might be a suitable alternative nickname for Curly Bill! Smooth Hound Brocius. k
                  • At Chapel Saint Leonards....gobby git, Sat Oct 22 10:27
                    Kenny ... you've got me there ... such global erudition ... Ambrose Bierce? ... where's Olds when you need him? ... thinking back, perhaps you don't ... what's the punch line then? ... are they... more
                • Hey K.t.K; remember Jim and Jodi MacGregor who used to frequent Michael Hickey's events and joined us all for our "Earpatics" (my son Lance named us that) tours of SoCal Old West historic sites about ... more
                  • I will never forget that one time...K.t.K., Sat Oct 22 15:38
                    ... at Ringo's grave when we were all standing around jawing, contemplating, speculatin' and whatnot, but Jim MacGregor was nowhere in sight. As I recall he had driven out there before the main... more
        • I know that Clifford R. CaldwellMartha Fanning, Tue Oct 18 15:23
          wrote a book about Chisum, but I haven't read it. I remember having some conversations, I believe on here, about New Mexico politics, & he was very knowledgeable.... more
          • Also historian 59Martha Fanning, Tue Oct 18 15:38
            who has posted on here, may have some New Mexico politics information! I still think her husband wrote one of the best books I've ever read. I'm almost certain that her husband wrote this, but I may... more
            • Thanks gg and David, Wed Oct 19 15:27
              Martha. I have seen that Mill in Ruidoso, but never heard this story. David
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