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Martha Fanning
Repsey Bedford Cox
Tue Oct 18, 2016 15:49

Was Repsey Bedford Cox related to Jim Cox of the Sutton-Taylor Feud?

Repsey Bedford Cox
B. ca1820 TN
D. November 30, 1902 Delaware District, Cherokee Nation, I.T.
Bur. Olympus Cemetery, Grove, Delaware District, Cherokee Nation, I.T.

Repsey Bedford Cox family


also Kinch West was married to Celia Cox, her brothers were among those who rode with Kinch.

Kinch West research page


    • Is this David, Wed Oct 19 16:03
      Cox any relation to the W.W. Cox involved in the Pat Garrett saga/murder? David
      • David, that's what I don't know,Martha Fanning, Wed Oct 19 21:35
        & I would like to know. If he is, then that would perhaps explain why Perry Cox was in Oklahoma, and perhaps why he allegedly helped Norman Newman escape jail.
        • In summary of some documents...Martha Fanning, Wed Oct 19 22:30
          Summary of some documents filed in the West family's case to be granted Cherokee citizenship: "Affadavit of R(epsey B(edford) Cox - July 14, 1896 Northern District, I. T. Cox aged 74 resides Delaware ... more
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