"Texas, by God"
and the
on this day 1877 James Leavy..
Fri Jul 14, 2017 15:38

...finally arrived back up to Deadwood, having been acquitted of manslaughter June 22 in Cheyenne. Leavy went to the gambling houses and especially the Senate Saloon where his friends Manning (the Sheriff) and Mahan held sway. Soon he was involved with fellow sport and man-killer Mike Goldman - the Polish/Russian Jew - they knowing each other for a half-dozen years since White Pine country, Nevada. The two became intrigued with Boone May - by all rights an interesting subject - what with his obsessive compulsive bent for tracking and killing road agents. Goldman could explain how that after June 26 past, Boone May had been enraged when the down coach from Deadwood had been robbed again near the Cheyenne River Station, when both treasure boxes were taken. Adding insult to injury, the robbers then sent a message back to the stage line manager (the boss of Boone May) - to send them a pair of gold scales, as "dividing dust with a spoon is not always satisfactory."

Boone May went on to recruit Leavy and Goldman to take part in a scheme designed for redemption.


    • That LeavyDavid, Sat Jul 15 07:48
      sure got around; and caused a lot of trouble. Thanks for another great post in the famous, and always highly anticipated, "on this day" series by K.t.K.. David 🤠
      • Re: That LeavyK.t.K., Sun Jul 16 04:15
        It was a little premature to put John Manning in the Sheriff's office, which didn't take place until the end of 1877. As opposed to Seth Bullock, Manning was by far the choice of the sporting... more
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