"Texas, by God"
and the
"Tombstone's" Doc Holliday;
Sun Aug 6, 2017 16:00

    • Val Kilmer 5 hours ago Pay no attention to he latest negative article on my tremendously successful tour being in trouble because of health. I've had some family issues like everyone does and had to... more
      • Thanks for posting this, B.J... (nm)Bob Cash, Mon Aug 7 19:36
        • Thanks for posting this, B. J., but....Bob Cash, Mon Aug 7 19:41
          I don't see any reason to be snide with David about it. The link he posted is from MSN and was displayed on their home page. If I had seen it I'm sure I would have posted it. I think you are very... more
          • Hey Bob..B.J., Tue Aug 8 15:36
            "If I had seen it I'm sure I would have posted it." Really Bob? I have always appreciated your research methodology. No, I don't believe that you would have posted this. At least you would have went... more
            • Re: Hey Bob..Bob Cash, Wed Aug 9 10:18
              B.J., I think you did everybody a favor by posting the info. I'm sure David had no interest in sharing "fake news". I just had a problem with what I perceived as the personal tone. I nthink everybody ... more
              • Let's get real BobB.J., Wed Aug 9 17:39
                The problem with posting distorted news is the potential impact it has not only on the people whom bought expensive VIP tickets to Val Kilmer's event, Attendees taking time off work and making... more
          • First of all, many of us whom are attending the VIP portion of this event are aware of the previous external attempts to assign a damper to this event. Secondly David is a smart guy. I have always... more
          • Thanks Bob, David, Tue Aug 8 12:05
            you are (and always have been) a true gentleman of the first order, and I (and my whole family) greatly admire you. You are always a voice of great reason and I REALLY appreciate you speaking up... more
            • Yes David, it is "VERY WELL KNOWN"B.J., Tue Aug 8 15:25
              David, I did not intend to come across rude or other. That said, I have read some of your previous research in the past. You are a good researcher. As any good researcher would know, you already... more
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