"Texas, by God"
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Thanks Rita...Bauer's #2......
Tue Aug 8, 2017 17:50

We are already working on a video that includes the buildings on Bauer's lot.
Most of us have seen those 1920's photographs with a small empty lot east of Bauer's adobe and west of OK Corral driveway.

See Jerry Prather link to view empty lot.

On October 26, 1881, the same empty lot east of Bauer's adobe was occupied by a small wood frame house.
According to Sanborn's 1882/86/89 maps, there wasn't space between Bauer's two building. This may tell us that access to the wood frame structure was gained through Bauer's east door.
We plan on posting a link to the video upon completion.

Great future health to you and yours Rita...
Gary Mc

    • Keep onDavid, Wed Aug 9 13:02
      going Gary, Rita, Jerry, Joyce, Bob ... (I know you all will)! Looking forward to your (re)discoveries and this video. Best. David
      • Tombstone photosDavid, Wed Aug 9 13:44
        PS Gary. I have been thinking about what you asked about the Gilchriese collection and old photos (see thread below) and do now remember a series of really cool ones taken by author Earle Forrest... more
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