"Texas, by God"
and the
More gunshot wounds for Doc de Haas.
Sun Sep 10, 2017 17:12

"Pioche had another lively shooting bout on Tuesday evening last [May 30, 1871], in which Jim Levy shot Mike Casey on top of the head, scooping out a small piece of the skull, again in the back of the neck, the ball glancing down the spinal column, and then struck him over the head with a 6 shooter. Levy then turned and fired four shots at Dave Nagle, who was talking with Casey when Levy made the attack. He got tit for tat four times, and came off with a broken jaw - Nagle being untouched."


    • And the hits keep coming!David, Mon Sep 11 11:43
      That Jim was a pretty active guy with a gun! I wonder what Mike Casey did to deserve all that? A broken jaw is no fun. I'll bet Jim couldn't chew or eat any solid food for awhile. Maybe, even long... more
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