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On this day 1873
Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:12

Jim Leavy {31} takes the witness stand in behalf of his protégé George McKinney (25) who stands trial at Pioche for the killing of Morgan Courtney (The latter had been the recognized "chief" of the Pioche fighting men.). All three were "following the profession as fighter" for the mining companies, not to mention other standouts like James King.

Leading up to the killing of Morgan Courtney, McKinney had gone to Leavy's room early in the morning for advice, but their conversation was not allowed as evidence after objection by defense counsel. By September 18 McKinney was acquitted, but not promoted to the level of "chief" among fighting men, which automatically went to Leavy.

Several months before on April 1, 1873, Leavy had withstood the attempt by "several men" with shot-guns and pistols to kill him. This was the second attempt by a group of men since Leavy killed Mike Casey in 1871. (Contrary to popular belief, Mike Casey was not Leavy's first rodeo or killing.)

Two more attempts by groups of men to kill Leavy would transpire in the late 1870s, which he survived because he was always armed, but the men he shot were only wounded.

Number five would do the trick in 1882 at Tucson, where Leavy provided the classic example of an alcoholic who had hit bottom: a gunfighter with no guns. He couldn't borrow or buy a gun to save his soul, while he suspected a group of men were coming to kill him once again.

    • K.t.K, - you have gotDavid, Thu Sep 14 13:52
      to write that Leavy book (as the amazing D.C. suggested many years ago); that is great stuff (as always)! David PS - and the Morgan book, and the James Earp book, and .... PS2 - sorry, don't mean to... more
    • Interesting .Bob Paul, Thu Sep 14 13:36
      While the summary of "attempts" is interesting, I find "number five" most interesting in that this event was pretty well covered in the Journal of Arizona History, Summer 2016, Vol. 57, no.2, p.... more
      • Tucson episodeK.t.K., Thu Sep 14 23:56
        The Tucson episode in the life of James Leavy has been covered six ways from Sunday by a half dozen authors, that I know of. The first that I collected was written 30 years ago or more. Tucson... more
      • David Grasse? (nm)Peter Brand, Thu Sep 14 17:20
        • Sorry.Bob Paul, Thu Sep 14 18:23
          Peter: I apparently was not clear. My specific interest is in my family history. There is no such person yet identified to date by this name. Yes, I am concentrating on the Arizona Territory in the... more
          • Hi Bob - I was meaning ....Peter Brand, Sat Sep 16 02:56
            were you referring to an article written last year by David Grasse about Leavy's death that included your photo? Regards PB
            • Yes.Bob Paul, Sat Sep 16 08:27
              Peter: Yes, and I spoke with him at the AHS meeting in Flagstaff on the matter. I am satisfied with his response, however I am NOT satisfied with the AHS handling of my/our long-standing (and... more
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