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On This Day in Deadwood 1879
Sun Oct 8, 2017 20:15

Business partnership is formalized in the Sheriff's Office between County Sheriff John J. Manning (35), gambler/mining man James Leavy (37) and Charles H. McKinney (37), who serves as County Recorder, Registrar of Deeds, School Official and wholesale liquor dealer. They have put together a petition with a bid (against two other competitors} for right-of-way through the streets and alleys for the close-together communities of Deadwood, South Deadwood and Elizabethtown. Their proposal is for laying water mains and pipes, and installing the hydrants.
The petition will be submitted at next meeting for the Board of County Commissioners October 11.

Sheriff Johnny Manning was a favorite of the gamblers and for the first three years of Deadwood ran the Senate Saloon with Johnny Mahan, which was considered the finest in Deadwood. “Headquarters For Sporting Men” was how Manning & Mahan advertised it. Manning was so close with most of the gamblers that Charley Storms was made a Deputy Sheriff for a while, and "Dublin" Lyons had received mail at the Sheriff's Office. Manning didn't seem to discriminate considering that John "Man-Killer" Varnes dealt faro and poker in the Senate.

Later in '79 Sheriff Manning would cover for Leavy after he engaged two shooting affrays in one week.

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