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On this day 1880
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Once again since coming to Arizona in late July, Morgan Earp was assigned duty as Special Deputy, by Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Earp. On Friday, October 8, Morgan went into Judge Reilly's court to pick up a warrant and attachment against one Stephenson for the sum of $94.00. (This amount would compound to $100 is Stephenson didn't appear in court in seven days.)
"The papers are placed in the hands of Special Officer Earp for service."

This solo job turned out to be a very lengthy pursuit. As an experienced detective Morg Earp likely went first to Stephenson's ranch near Sonoita, some 29 miles via Charleston. At this ranch a stage station was recently installed, "on the road between Charleston and Patagonia."
Special Deputy Earp must have learned from one of the four boarders there that Stephenson had headed south for the line, below which he was very comfortable from past connections at Altar, the Oro Blanco mines and Santa Cruz. He no doubt had the official papers for crossing over immediately where a Mexican officer was commanding the Resguarda at Santa Cruz.

Assuming that Special Dep. Earp had no passport or temporary pass acquired at the Mexican Consul located at Tucson, he presumed to sneak across in order to avoid "custom houses recently establish on the line."

Wyatt Earp told both of his biographers about this incident regarding his brother. John Flood summed it up this way:
"There were no instances in the memory of the authorities where an officer crossed into Mexico and made a successful arrest."

    • And (don't leave usDavid, Mon Oct 9 13:53
      hanging Kenny); did Morg make the "successful arrest" (in Mexico)? David
      • ....know how hairy it might have been for Earp. Come to find out his quarry had invested in mines owned by former Arizona Governor Anson P. K. Safford, and U.S. Deputy Collector of Customs J. W.... more
        • I have neverDavid, Wed Oct 11 11:13
          heard or read any of this before, thanks Kenny. I will be looking forward to hearing the final "outcome". David
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