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Bob Paul
Wyatt was busy in A.T. in 1880
Mon Nov 13, 2017 15:49

David: Not sure what Wyatt was doing on or about this date in 1900, but at about this time in 1880 he appeared to be busy checking out the reported death of Jerry Ackerson per the Epitaph. (Traywick, Tombstone Clippings, 1989, p. 12).

  • Didnít Wyatt David, Mon Nov 13 11:46
    spend some time in Seattle about that time 1900 (or maybe it was later?) too? I know he and Josie were also in and out of Alaska ~ 1898 Ė 1902. David
    • Wyatt's Seattle SaloonBen Harleman, Wed Nov 15 23:04
      Hi David, having just moved back to Seattle from phoenix a few months ago, I've recently revisited the location of Wyatt's old saloon. Amazingly, when the majority of the block was burned (I beleive... more
      • Which location, Ben.K.t.K., Fri Nov 17 21:57
        On Washington? Or on Second Ave. near Yesler Way? k
        • 2nd AveBen Harleman, Sat Nov 18 08:38
          I had heard mention of another locale but couldn't recall. If you have any info you can share with me I'd love to hear it. There's a kocal history expert here that I lost his info and I've been... more
          • Re: 2nd AveK.t.K., Sat Nov 18 10:39
            Just an opinion, but I think Tom Urquhart was the key ingredient in the partnership with Wyatt Earp. Although it was most savvy to put Wyatt's name foremost on the saloon business, since they were... more
            • As usual...Ben Harleman, Sun Nov 19 19:42
              ...excellent contextual information, so thanks once again for that. From what I know, the numbering on some of the roads in the area were reconfigured way back when, and so the adresses don't always... more
              • BTW, Ben, Wyatt and James Earp...K.t.K., Mon Nov 20 18:09
                ...had previously made a run on Seattle in early 1891, with intentions of open a gambling house. It was a rendezvous of sorts -James coming down from Montana and Wyatt up from California. They were... more
                • Holy ToledoBen Harleman, Mon Nov 20 20:34
                  Not a guy to be messed with then. I didn't know Wyatt had been in town before the Alaska venture. I'm curious if you know if Wyatt might have ever visited Yakima? It would be logical since it was the ... more
                  • Firstly a correction.K.t.K., Mon Nov 20 21:49
                    It was in Tacoma where the Earps arrived in '91, not Seattle. The "Big Four" sporting houses were the Paragon, Comique Theater, National Theater and Warwick gambling house. No doubt the Earps went to ... more
            • Sorry Ben. My bad.K.t.K., Sat Nov 18 12:14
              The source I was using referred to a latter-day address for Tom Urquhart, which was 111 Second Ave. Thankfully I realized I had forgotten a more elaborate file devoted to Seattle itself, rather than... more
              • Re: Sorry Ben. My bad.Ben Harleman, Sun Nov 19 19:43
                Thanks for sharing that article, Kenny. I've never seen that. Definitely bookmarking that in the research folder.
            • addendumK.t.K., Sat Nov 18 10:48
              Thomas Urquhart and wife met Wyatt and Josie at Rampart in '97. The became close friends. In an interview, Mrs. Urquhart told how hard and uncomfortable conditions were at Rampart on women. In May... more
      • I wouldDavid, Fri Nov 17 13:34
        love to visit those sites if I am ever up your way Ben! I have in my collection the Earle Forrest papers. Author/historian Forrest was good friends with Joe Milner, who was the grandson of famed... more
        • Wow!Ben Harleman, Sun Nov 19 20:24
          That sounds like a lot of fun reading going through those letters! I'd be real interested to know what kind of light he sheds on both Seattle and Earp; together and seperately. You touched on... more
          • Thanks for the offerDavid, Tue Nov 21 12:37
            Ben; we are hoping to visit Seattle (for the first time) in the summer of 2019 and would certainly value any advice you might have. Would definitely love to visit the "Wyatt sites" and try one of... more
          • David, if y'all go to Seattle ....K.t.K., Sun Nov 19 23:07
            .....I will have to recommend the best mixed drink I ever tasted in history. That is, if they still have it from bygone days. Called the "Hay Stack" its served in the Space Needle Restaurant, which... more
            • We will definitely David, Tue Nov 21 12:26
              check that out when we are in Seattle Kenny and are now talking about possibly visiting and enjoying the local history ... in the summer of 2019. Thanks for the suggestion. My best to you and Hart.... more
      • Talking Earp...Nome, Alaska, July 4, 1900Old West Magazine, Thu Nov 16 07:50
        https://www.cowanauctions.com/lot/alaska-in-1900-fine-photo-album-3153946?utm_source=auctions&utm_medium=www.barnebys.com&utm_content=11172017-american-history-live-salesroom-auction&utm_campaign=barn... more
        • Great photoDavid, Fri Nov 17 12:38
          Gary; thank you! David
    • Wyatt was busy in A.T. in 1880 — Bob Paul, Mon Nov 13 15:49
      • Thanks Bob, David, Wed Nov 15 11:00
        good to hear from you. Best, David
    • Re: Didnít Wyatt Anonymous, Mon Nov 13 15:42
      Yes, Wyatt had gone through Seattle a few times during those years you mention. Probably the most time he and Josie spent there was after coming from Alaska in '99 they wintered there. This is when... more
      • Great photo and very David, Wed Nov 15 11:16
        interesting article. Thank you Kenny; I am assuming that "anonymous" is you? David PS - With all the money involved, I have a strong feeling that "Decree of Separation" would have been A LOT nastier, ... more
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