"Texas, by God"
and the
Ben Harleman
Sun Nov 19, 2017 20:24

That sounds like a lot of fun reading going through those letters! I'd be real interested to know what kind of light he sheds on both Seattle and Earp; together and seperately.

You touched on something that has always stood out to me: no one from his own time has ever hinted at Wyatt being the blustery tale-teller that people have come to label him as. As far as I'm aware, even those who disliked him never attacked him as a windbag. I think it's very telling that the claims of his big-windies all began long after his death and Lake's book.

If you make your way to Seattle, be sure to do it in late July-late September. Certainly our best weather. And if you ever need any tips, let me know. I worked for a long time dealing with executive travel for Microsoft.

  • I wouldDavid, Fri Nov 17 13:34
    love to visit those sites if I am ever up your way Ben! I have in my collection the Earle Forrest papers. Author/historian Forrest was good friends with Joe Milner, who was the grandson of famed... more
    • Wow! — Ben Harleman, Sun Nov 19 20:24
      • Thanks for the offerDavid, Tue Nov 21 12:37
        Ben; we are hoping to visit Seattle (for the first time) in the summer of 2019 and would certainly value any advice you might have. Would definitely love to visit the "Wyatt sites" and try one of... more
      • David, if y'all go to Seattle ....K.t.K., Sun Nov 19 23:07
        .....I will have to recommend the best mixed drink I ever tasted in history. That is, if they still have it from bygone days. Called the "Hay Stack" its served in the Space Needle Restaurant, which... more
        • We will definitely David, Tue Nov 21 12:26
          check that out when we are in Seattle Kenny and are now talking about possibly visiting and enjoying the local history ... in the summer of 2019. Thanks for the suggestion. My best to you and Hart.... more
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