"Texas, by God"
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BTW, Ben, Wyatt and James Earp...
Mon Nov 20, 2017 18:09

...had previously made a run on Seattle in early 1891, with intentions of open a gambling house. It was a rendezvous of sorts -James coming down from Montana and Wyatt up from California. They were soundly rebuffed by what was called the "big four" gambling combine. All it would have taken at that time, was for Frank "Jumbo" Cantwell all by himself to pay them a 'friendly' visit. This guy "Jumbo" one time threw a man up into the balcony of a theater.

  • As usual...Ben Harleman, Sun Nov 19 19:42
    ...excellent contextual information, so thanks once again for that. From what I know, the numbering on some of the roads in the area were reconfigured way back when, and so the adresses don't always... more
    • BTW, Ben, Wyatt and James Earp... — K.t.K., Mon Nov 20 18:09
      • Holy ToledoBen Harleman, Mon Nov 20 20:34
        Not a guy to be messed with then. I didn't know Wyatt had been in town before the Alaska venture. I'm curious if you know if Wyatt might have ever visited Yakima? It would be logical since it was the ... more
        • Firstly a correction.K.t.K., Mon Nov 20 21:49
          It was in Tacoma where the Earps arrived in '91, not Seattle. The "Big Four" sporting houses were the Paragon, Comique Theater, National Theater and Warwick gambling house. No doubt the Earps went to ... more
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