"Texas, by God"
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On this day 1880
Fri Dec 1, 2017 15:51

Coming from California, Louisa Houston arrived at Tombstone to join Morgan, who had been there for over four months. One of five houses recently built by the Earp brothers (owned by James Earp) was awaiting her arrival. As Lou was en route a letter had already arrived for her at the Tombstone Post Office.

    • Publishers Clearing HouseDavid, Sat Dec 2 14:51
      no doubt? That letter awaiting Lou. David PS - I believe you may have posted or told me about this sometime in the past, but were their houses all grouped together on 1st and Fremont?
      • grouped together? JP, Sun Dec 3 09:32
        Earp Dewing’s Daily Epitaph Friday Moring October 29, 1880 Messer Earp are erecting on their property at the foot of Fremont Street a number of frame dwelling houses. Four have been completed and the ... more
        • Thank you JP. (nm)David, Sun Dec 3 12:46
          • One year after JP's post above....K.t.K., Mon Dec 4 04:38
            ....some adjustments were noted in The Minutes of the Common Council book. Four lots on block M (north side of First) were grouped as being owned by James, Wyatt, Virgil and R. J. Winders, plus two... more
            • Thank you too K.t.K.; andDavid, Mon Dec 4 17:42
              I wonder why the Earp's would want to buy/build on either side of Fremont with all that traffic passing by 24/7? David PS - not to mention the close proximity to that "honest rancher" and fine... more
      • c/o General DeliveryJoe Gallagher, Sat Dec 2 21:43
        KtK, I take it that the letter was addressed to Louisa Houston, not Louisa Earp, do you know who the letter was from? I can't imagine a letter from the in-laws in Colton, California, where Lou had... more
        • I have to agree with you Joe Gallagher.K.t.K., Sun Dec 3 01:06
          It was a letter from a close relative - either one of her sisters but quite possibly from her cousin Bashford who was also corresponding with Lou. Actually the letter was addressed to "Louisa... more
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