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Ben Harleman
California fires - David
Thu Dec 7, 2017 19:38

If I recall correctly from the Lee Silva tribute video, you were somewhere in the Orange County/North San Diego area. Having just seen about fierce winds fueling the fire along 15 I wanted to ask how you're doing and if you're in an area safe from the fire. Hope all is well and safe.


    • Ben, so very kindDavid, Fri Dec 8 13:00
      of you to ask. Yes, we live in Orange County and as yet, at least, have not been at all affected by the fires. We don't even smell any smoke, and it actually is not even windy here. I do have a lot... more
      • Glad to hear!Ben Harleman, Fri Dec 8 23:11
        I was really surprised when I heard there were new fires, and could only imagine how crazy it must be down there. But I'm glad you're clear of it all. I'm already planning for WWHA in June. I have... more
        • Christmas presentDavid, Sun Dec 10 14:52
          You picked a GREAT one Ben! Lee’s Wyatt Earp series is the best out there and Volume II Part 1 is exceptionally written. Although it mainly deals with Tombstone pre-Earp’s; it is surprisingly a page... more
          • I have no doubts!Ben Harleman, Wed Dec 13 21:25
            After reading Vol. 1 I have no doubts about the quality of the book or the value in time spent reading it. Everything you say just gets me more excited. What's funny is, shortly before reading your... more
          • AddendumBob Paul, Sun Dec 10 20:26
            As David indicated, this is a good one. I have my autographed copy and on a personal note, the picture of my g-grandfather (p. 313) was donated to Wells Fargo by my second cousins father, Walter, Jr.
            • Re: AddendumAnonymous, Thu Dec 14 00:52
              I'm really looking forward to the contextual background of Tombstone and the key character's who populated the area before the Earp's arrival. That must be a real source of enjoyable pride to have... more
            • Sheriff Bob PaulDavid, Mon Dec 11 11:49
              Thanks Bob; your g-grandfather is one of my favorite Old West characters and I really enjoyed John's (Boessenecker) book on him ("When Law Was in the Holster"). I have my signed copy (by both of you) ... more
          • PS - Lee's publisherDavid, Sun Dec 10 15:30
            is actually coming to my house for a visit in a few hours. David
            • Boy am I slow in responding right now...Ben Harleman, Sat Dec 23 19:20
              Hi David, sorry it's taken me so long to get back on board here. Christmas has been super busy this year for us. But I had to reply to this comment because it has me almost as excited as any gift my... more
      • "A war zone"!David, Fri Dec 8 13:04
        That all having been said: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/southern-california-‘like-a-war-zone’-as-raging-wildfires-grow/ar-BBGlETB?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
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