"Texas, by God"
and the
Richard Weddle
newly discovered gunfight illustration
Sun Jan 7, 2018 11:51

Probably the first and earliest illustration of the gunfight
at Tombstone, by an artist who had an informant close to the
event itself, has been found. Check out the image on my
facebook page.

    • HandbookErik Wright, Tue Mar 6 08:02
      Richard, when does your 700pg study come out? Erik
    • Re: newly discovered gunfight illustrationK.t.K., Sun Jan 7 16:00
      The inaccuracies portrayed therein the 1904 version are obviously NOT the result of study and research. The true "informants close to the event itself" already testified in Spicer's courtroom.... more
      • Re: newly discovered gunfight illustrationMichael Fearnehough, Mon Jan 8 07:51
        Kenny ... the 1950 rerun of "The Gunfight Between Papago & Bauer's"? ... were these the same "informants" that staged Helldorado in 1929? ... what I find interesting is that Bauer's had what looks... more
        • Michael..."Tombstone's Meat Market 2018."Old West Magazine, Tue Jan 9 09:23
          • Michael..."Tombstone's Meat Market 2018."gobby git, Tue Jan 9 09:53
            Thanks ... I saw the full length version several years ago and I still discern a difference in the "window" on the left ... it seems to be partially "open" somewhat like traditional bi-folding shop... more
        • Thanks Michaelgobby git, Tue Jan 9 09:02
          Kenny ... whoops! ... autocomplete snafued and used some [Anglo-Saxon] pseudonymous bosh ... according to a well known local resident "to the left are two modern windows SIDE BY SIDE which have... more
        • Thanks MichaelK.t.K., Tue Jan 9 08:16
          Not too long ago I was reading the testimony of Mrs. Martha King who was inside Bauer's Market. But not the version in the Turner book; rather straight out of the newspaper. Lo and behold she told... more
      • Re: newly discovered gunfight illustrationRichard Weddle, Sun Jan 7 17:12
        Kenny, I don't disagree with a word you've said. As I pointed out, there are inaccuracies. But I don't look at the 1904 illustration as a legal record or a court document. It isn't either of those... more
        • Well said Richard...Old West Magazine, Mon Jan 8 19:27
          Inaccuracy fuels research...
        • actually, KennyRichard Weddle, Sun Jan 7 18:01
          I do disagree. The illustration does show some inside knowledge. The position of the Earps in the background is not inaccurate. The artist knows one of the Earps fell to one knee. He knows the lawmen ... more
          • ...the many others I have seen in my lifetime. It was your commentary about it which remain a complete work of HORSE-shit. Let me pass on some excellent advice. A big library does not make a true... more
            • Re: Never said I didn't enjoy the illusration or...Richard Weddle, Sun Jan 7 21:08
              Why are you being such an as sh ole? I didn't come here to pick a fight with you. Who the hell do you think you are? What commentary? I haven't offered any commentary on the illustration nor was I... more
              • I appreciate you sharing this picture, Richard. It is clearly based on the Bat Masterson/Alfred Henry Lewis version of the fight as described in the SUNSET Trail, which refers to the cowboys firing... more
                • to Bob CashRichard Weddle, Thu Jan 11 16:04
                  I was done with this place until your friend said I should look at your post. You hit the nail on the head with THE SUNSET TRAIL. I forgot all about this book, although it sits on the first shelf in... more
                  • Re: to Bob CashBob Cash, Sun Jan 14 23:28
                    This was very interesting to me because up till now I thought the earliest illustration of the street fight was in a 1910 article which actually has all of the participants on horseback. I'll try to... more
                  • Queue (nm)Anonymous, Thu Jan 11 17:54
    • Very much looking forward to David, Sun Jan 7 12:16
      checking this out Rich when I get a free moment later today. In my opinion, the Victor Clyde Forsythe paintings are by far the best and most accurate out there still to this day. He too, had many... more
      • ForsythRichard Weddle, Sun Jan 7 18:19
        Your Forsyth article is well done and a solid piece. You should write more often, David.
        • I do plan to writeDavid, Mon Jan 8 13:02
          MUCH MORE often once I retire Rich; hopefully by the end of this year. It's looking good for that. Thanks for all your encouragement and support. Best, David
        • Have to agree with thatJames Wright, Sun Jan 7 18:41
          Excellent article, David
          • Thanks James; so David, Mon Jan 8 12:57
            great to have you back here (on your own site) posting once more. Best, David
            • Iíve missed itJames Wright, Mon Jan 8 15:07
              Once I get in my house with a pc again Iíll have more to say Thank you, David
          • Re: Have to agree with thatRichard Weddle, Sun Jan 7 22:17
            James, I used to post images here long time ago, but I seem to have forgotten how. The links from my image posting host aren't working here. What do I do? Additionally, remind me of your email and... more
            • Email isJames Wright, Mon Jan 8 07:59
              Borderlinebadassranch1@ yahoo.com I donít know how to post images either
              • Re: Email isRichard Weddle, Mon Jan 8 11:17
                Image and text sent in email. You need to open your controls and activate settings that allow images.
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