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Mark Boardman
Morgan Earp's residence
Sun Mar 11, 2018 06:14

Friends (maybe especially KtK and Gary Mc...

Where did Morgan live in Tombstone, and when? Fred Dodge said they lived together in a cabin on the site of the Bird Cage early in Morgan's time there. And we know that he lived at the Cosmopolitan after the fight.

But in between...where did he live?

Thanks mucho!


    • The Streets of TombstoneDavid, Mon Mar 12 12:32
      Mark, On John Gilchriese’s town map “Tombstone, Arizona Territory Circa 1881 – 82” published 1971, 1975 and based on the 1916 research of historian Robert N. Mullin, is listed on the Southwest corner ... more
      • Hey Mark; check out the David, Sat Mar 17 14:03
        whole thread a bit (12/1/2017) below (as it may have more information useful to you) beginning with: ""K.t.K. On this day 1880 Fri Dec 1, 2017 15:51 Coming from California, Louisa... more
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