"Texas, by God"
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On this day 1875.
Mon Jul 9, 2018 13:35

"Henry Lyons, better known as "Dublin," who left here a few weeks since with Charley Storms, now turns up in the Black Hills country ab=nd writes as follows to a friend in this place [Eureka, Nevada] from Cheyenne, under date of July 8th:
"Four hundred men have gone into the Hills since my arrival here. The military do not make any effort to stop them. It is a sure thing that gold is to be found there, and plenty of it.
"Yesterday I saw thirty-four ounces that three men had taken out of their sluices, which they made with axes. Another party came in for whip-saws and left for the placers this morning. There has been a number of men here, all having more or less dust, who have returned back to the gold fields. The army officers here say that Jenney, the expert, never saw a soldier pan out a pan of dirt that did not average from three to fifteen cents. They say he is playing in the interests of the Indian ring. It is too early for sports to come, gambling being light."

"Dublin" states that he starts for Custer's Park in a short time, where the placers are, for the purpose of building a house in the new camp."

    • I tried to call /emailMartha Fanning, Wed Jul 11 11:45
      Hey, KtK, I tried to call you and email you. Maybe you will get one or the other!
      • Miss Saint Martha!K.t.K., Wed Jul 11 16:33
        Hi there. Just at about 4:00 o'clock our time, I checked both email and phone message and listened to the message in the latter. Yes, I still have that document copy you sent me several years ago, re ... more
      • Re: I tried to call /emailBob Cash, Wed Jul 11 15:24
        Miss Martha, it is so good to hear from you. I'm sure, I speak for every one on this board when I say we have missed you and your always interesting posts. Don't let Kenny know that I responded... more
        • Bob Cash!Martha Fanning, Wed Jul 11 20:23
          Oh y'all are a hoot!! I quit digging around in Old West history, to a point, and started digging for my "Newcomb" Great Grandfather. I had thought perhaps he changed his name! Y DNA, both 111 marker... more
        • How are Martha?James Wright, Wed Jul 11 16:12
          Are you still in Leuders?
          • James!Martha Fanning, Wed Jul 11 20:24
            Yes! I'm still in Lueders! My health has been a struggle this year, but I'm still here! Thank you for asking!
    • Re: On this day 1875.Ben Harleman, Tue Jul 10 22:09
      So in July 1875, there wouldn't really have been a town yet, correct? Would it have been mostly just tent camps? Cheyenne was sort bustling at the time, and a bit of a jumping off point for Deadwood? ... more
      • You're right on point, Ben.K.t.K., Wed Jul 11 06:44
        Based on the 1868 Treaty it was illegal for white men to prospect for gold in the Black Hills. The U.S. Government was working on making the change, but which wouldn't go into effect until early... more
    • Gold; a powerful David, Tue Jul 10 12:43
      seductress. David
    • Thank you, Kenny (nm)James Wright, Tue Jul 10 10:17
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