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James Welch & The Eastern Cherokee 2
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This is a lengthy post, so I'll just post part of it and the link.
Re: James Welch and the Eastern Cherokee
By Lawrence Petrisky July 04, 2004 at 05:59:06


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Your Edward & Emily are John Edward Welch & Emily Vannoy.

From "Old John Hembree aka John Emory" by Larry Petrisky:

was born 1765 inSouth Carolina.She died c. 1820 in Tennesee.
She m(1) JOHN WELCH (b.c.1753 SC d.bef 1810 NC or TN).
(He married (2) 1801 a Cherokee woman whom he named Betsy (“Quatsy”) after his first wife.)
She m(2) WILLIAM WELCH (b.c. 1768 NC d.1838 Hardin Co, Tennessee).

Notes for John Welch:

There is a lot of tribal legend associated with John Welch, some of it romanticized in a 19th century
novel.The legend of John being abandoned as a little boy is not true of him, but was true of his
father.The legend of “French blood” crops up in various lines of this family and perhaps can be
blamed on the old woman Nana, the “French Woman of Keowee”(b.c.1733 d.c.1832) who spoke
French.She was a part of the family off and on from about 1747 to her death in 1832.

John Welch and Drowning Bear:

John Welch killed Drowning Bear’s brother in 1819 after (or during) a visit to the Red Clay Agency.
When word of this reached Drowning Bear (Yona Guska), he vowed the tribal right of vengeance.
Drowning Bear was the son of Big Bear (Yona Equa) of Nuquassi (near present-day Franklin, North
Carolina).He was also a relative by marriage or blood to Will of Nuquassi, who is also known as
Long Will, Halfbreed Will of Nuquassi, Long Fellow, and “Captain Will”: Will Emory (b.1744
d.1788), son ofWilliam Emory (d.1770) of Starr’s Cherokee genealogy.Long Will was a lifelong
friend of John Watts, who was born c.1753 at Ninety-Six, South Carolina.Will’s only known son
was Thomas (Emory), also known as Long Tom.The people of Drowning Bear, Will, and John
Watts were Chickamauga warriors – that is, Cherokee who never surrendered.Those are the type
of people who were after John Welch.He was considered a dead man in the tribe until his wife,
Betty Blythe, pleaded in council for his life.She was not simply a sobbing half breed pleading
for mercy on her half breed husband – the Cherokee could not ignore justice.She mounted a
legal and persuasive argument based on tribal justice (perhaps the killing was already a killing of
justice) and she was so effective that Drowning Bear, a man of justice, pledged that he would
invoke blood vengeance on anyone who killed John Welch.

There was peace between the two families and both men would later play big roles in the Eastern
tribe’s survival.However, as the stature of Drowning Bear increased in the tribe (he adopted
North Carolina’s Indian Agent, William H. Thomas, as his son), the status of the Welch family in
the tribe diminished, which is why many of them went out to Oklahoma after 1848.

    • Robert Alonzo WelchRobert Buckley, Sun Jul 15 09:37
      Martha , lm curious if Robert Alonzo Welch was related to James Welch . Robert left home in Newberry South Carolina in 1886 with a fifth grade education, borrowed fifty dollars and headed to Texas to ... more
      • Robert Alonzo WelchMartha Fanning, Sun Jul 15 19:00
        Robert, it seems like I've run across this name, meaning the Alonzo in the Welch / Welsh name. Let me go check and see if I can find anything. I have a tree on ancestry where I put my FTDNA and... more
        • Robert Alonzo WelchMartha Fanning, Sun Jul 15 19:35
          Okay, I found him. I'm not sure which line he's from but found him and his parents' names. The name is slightly different, but same spouse. Williams Welch Birth 1 Sep 1802 Iredell County, North... more
          • Thanks MarthaRobert Buckley, Sun Jul 15 20:17
            Several years ago I was doing some research and the name Robert Alonzo Welch cropped up a few times , I found myself sidetracked somewhat looking for information on him . I found his biography... more
          • Find a GraveMartha Fanning, Sun Jul 15 19:36
            • William Williamson WelchMartha Fanning, Sun Jul 15 19:42
              If you have ancestry here is a tree https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/2140915/person/6908376617/facts We may be distantly related to each other! :)
    • Thank you, Martha (nm)James Wright, Sat Jul 14 13:06
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