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Martha Fanning
Robert Alonzo Welch
Sun Jul 15, 2018 19:00

Robert, it seems like I've run across this name, meaning the Alonzo in the Welch / Welsh name. Let me go check and see if I can find anything. I have a tree on ancestry where I put my FTDNA and ancestry matches, and I have the Eastern Band Cherokee, to the best of my ability so far.
There are a lot of them, it's confusing, and in no way do I have all of them.
Also the Welch married Berryhill and Posey who were enrolled Creek.
A lot of Welch / Welsh came to Texas.

When my Welch/Welsh ancestor came to Texas he went by the name of Newcomb. Even I had an Uncle named Alonzo Newcomb!

I'll see if I can find anything and come back and post!

  • Robert Alonzo WelchRobert Buckley, Sun Jul 15 09:37
    Martha , lm curious if Robert Alonzo Welch was related to James Welch . Robert left home in Newberry South Carolina in 1886 with a fifth grade education, borrowed fifty dollars and headed to Texas to ... more
    • Robert Alonzo Welch — Martha Fanning, Sun Jul 15 19:00
      • Robert Alonzo WelchMartha Fanning, Sun Jul 15 19:35
        Okay, I found him. I'm not sure which line he's from but found him and his parents' names. The name is slightly different, but same spouse. Williams Welch Birth 1 Sep 1802 Iredell County, North... more
        • Thanks MarthaRobert Buckley, Sun Jul 15 20:17
          Several years ago I was doing some research and the name Robert Alonzo Welch cropped up a few times , I found myself sidetracked somewhat looking for information on him . I found his biography... more
        • Find a GraveMartha Fanning, Sun Jul 15 19:36
          • William Williamson WelchMartha Fanning, Sun Jul 15 19:42
            If you have ancestry here is a tree https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/2140915/person/6908376617/facts We may be distantly related to each other! :)
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