"Texas, by God"
and the
Seems - sorry (nm)
Sat Jul 21, 2018 14:04

  • Sems to be the going rate David, Sat Jul 21 13:16
    at the time - $1 per slap! I have a strong feeling it would be MUCH higher (and involve a lawsuit) in this day and age.... David
    • Seems - sorry (nm) — David, Sat Jul 21 14:04
      • Going rate $$K.t.K., Mon Jul 23 16:06
        Morgan Earp was assessed a similar amount of $1 and $2 costs for his participation in a bawdy house donnybrook at Wichita in mid-September 1875. For some reason five of the other male participants in ... more
        • The price keeps goingDavid, Thu Jul 26 11:12
          up. Inflation? Maybe it was 2 slaps? David
          • Bingo!!!Bob Paul, Thu Jul 26 12:47
            David: You're probably on to something about inflation. Somewhere in my files, I have a receipt from the days when RHP was U.S. Marshal for AZ Territory for the sum of $1 for the fine of the heinous... more
        • Write the damn Morgan book! (nm)James Wright, Mon Jul 23 19:01
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