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Going rate $$
Mon Jul 23, 2018 16:06

Morgan Earp was assessed a similar amount of $1 and $2 costs for his participation in a bawdy house donnybrook at Wichita in mid-September 1875. For some reason five of the other male participants in the "first class sťance last Saturday night" were fined $2 and $3 costs.
Can't be for sure what happened, as it seemed to be a private party of seven couples starting out nice enough at Ida May's most popular brothel on Main and Eighth St. As well, Ida May and all six of the girl were hauled in and fined. However, thanks to Policeman Wyatt and his crooked deals with City Clerk Schattner, Morg and his hot gal Nellie never had to pay.

  • Seems - sorry (nm)David, Sat Jul 21 14:04
    • Going rate $$ — K.t.K., Mon Jul 23 16:06
      • The price keeps goingDavid, Thu Jul 26 11:12
        up. Inflation? Maybe it was 2 slaps? David
        • Bingo!!!Bob Paul, Thu Jul 26 12:47
          David: You're probably on to something about inflation. Somewhere in my files, I have a receipt from the days when RHP was U.S. Marshal for AZ Territory for the sum of $1 for the fine of the heinous... more
      • Write the damn Morgan book! (nm)James Wright, Mon Jul 23 19:01
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